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Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool


I chose Col-Erase Non-Photo Blue pencil, but a wide range of colors will work.

The black & white adjustment layer will get rid of colored pencils in inked scans


Fake DOF in Photoshop.
Even if you think you know, you might be surprised.


Distort Photoshop Filter Without Distorting Image

If you have a distortion filter that is reversible you can pre-distort an image, apply an ‘art filter’ to the distorted image, then un-distort the image. The result? The ‘art filter’ is distorted, while the image itself seems undistorted.

Unfortunately not enough Photoshop distortion filters are reversible, but it’s something to play with…

Distort Photoshop Filter Without Distorting Image


I have a recent two part tutorial on my website:


Why ‘desaturate’ may not be what you want. Use the channel mixer (or at least grayscale) instead…


heres mine:


Simple patterns + Layer masks + Random noise = Complex patterns

5 minute howto video


A brief look at two methods of combing colors - additive color, which uses red, green and blue as primaries, and so-called ‘subtractive’ color, which uses cyan, magenta and yellow.

Additive color describes the way colored light combines.

‘Subtractive’ color describes the way colored filters stack up, or the way certain pigments mix.

We usually teach children the ‘subtractive’ method, which uses cyan, magenta and yellow, first. We often simplify and approximate magenta as ‘red’ and cyan as ‘blue,’ so most school children think the paint primaries are red, yellow and blue.

Why do I put the word ‘subtractive’ in quotes? Watch the clip and you’ll know in 3 minutes from now.


I created a few 5 minute tutorials (beginner stuff) here.

  1. Video 1: Creating a Custom Swatch
  2. Video 2: Creating a Custom Gradient
  3. Video 3: Creating Wood Grain
  4. Video 4: Enhancing Surface Texture
  5. Video 5: Brush and Photosource Details
  6. Video 6: Cutting and Stamping
  7. Video 7: Making Asphalt 1
  8. Video 8: Cracking Textures 1
  9. Video 9: Creating Cracked Texture 2
  10. Video 10: Shadow Map - Adding Depth

I also have one short video tutorial on using brushes here.


You can simulate the halftone process in Photoshop by using the hard mix blend mode.





There are many ways to Colorize Black and White Line Art
…but putting the line art into a layer mask seems very versatile


oh…my god…how you can find much of tutorials:twisted:


Some basic Wacom / brush Photoshop color blending techniques.

How to Blend Colors and Paint in Photoshop

And if you like to use Illustrator:


Here is more then 117 Photoshop Free Video Tutorials.

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this is really helpful list.
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In my blog there is a tutorial wich can change eye’s color.
Click here to watch


In this Tutorial you will learn how to design disco style text effect by using adobe photoshop.

Click Here to Watch the Part 1

Click Here to Watch the Part 2
Click Here to Watch the Part 3

Click Here to Watch the Part 4