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A raw image file contains unprocessed or unmodified data straight from the camera’s sensor. A raw file obtained from a digital camera is the equivalent of the negative image of film photography, it has all the necessary information to create an image. In the past, only expensive professional cameras were able to save images in a raw format. Nowadays, more and more digital cameras offer you this option. Follow the step by step instructions for more details.

Processing images with Camera Raw



You may have heard some talks about Dynamic range, the dynamic range of a certain digital camera and the ways to adjust it in your pictures. When talking about Dynamic range, we talk about the range of brightness levels that exist in a certain picture. It represents the levels of the smallest and largest possible values, from a step beyond complete black and a step before complete white. Before proceeding with the tutorial in Photoshop itself, some initial information about a dynamic range and the camera’s ability to capture its full extent. Follow the step by step instructions for more details.

Merge to HDR in Photoshop CS2



very nice I need all the help I can get lol


This one i made.

Its for removing an object/person from its background.


I wish this website would come up when I searched for help with photoshop. I’m learning photoshop and this website is like a pot of gold.


chobi77, your link seems to be gone as of today (??).


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All of our best Photoshop tutorials in 1 easy to view page - definitely one to bookmark! More categories to follow soon.:slight_smile:



Yeah sorry about that, had to change host.

Its back up now.

I made another one, its for creating a reflection from an image.

geocities only gives me 4.3mb bandwidth per hour, so if the links are down try again a bit later.

as soon as i get some cash ill pay for the hosting so they will be up permanantly.

enjoy :slight_smile:


A lot of links u have posted… THANKS a lot for this!



I´m new here and want to participate to the cgsociety.
You`ve got a lot of nice tutorials here so I think I should share my favourite one with you too.

I´ve learned some nice techniques on this site:

The Custom Grunge Brush and Grunge Texture tutorials really helped me out.
And if you work with game engines then try out the Seamless Texture tutorial too.


Thanks for the tips… those are very usuful sites.

Marcelo scharan


-11-12-08: Just added a video tutorial that shows some techniques to create surface texture with PS brushes and layer effects.

-08-03-08: I have two beginner tutorials here one shows a way to easily create some cracks and another shows the basics of how to use the displace filter.


thanks alot for the links, i have buyed the photoshop bible cs2,but this is like a holy grale, for the have alot to learn. And you learn every day.

all regards and nice hollydays


Sometimes photoshop means to disable its “favorites”-option in the save dialog…
this tutorial covers, how to release this option again…

How to solve the adobe save dialog

be amazed… :slight_smile:


Excellent links thankyou. I will post a few links also sometime, most of which I found via


Can some one PM me with a good Matte painting tutorial for photoshop? Thanks!


I like your tutorial it’s basic a laws to thing a inspired.
the way you the simplicit lette thing in advance solucion of my work in a progress.
It’s a good way to teaching.


p.s. sorry about any mistake,englash is no mi strong.

Thanks alotte


How to control your composite using layer groups…

Adjustment Layers and Layer Groups (2 minutes)

Layer Groups and Groups Within Groups (5 minutes)

check out the hi-def versions.


A super quickie on

How to Solo a Layer in Photoshop [1 minute]


The Blend If function in action…

Sepia Photos and Split Tones