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a lot of tutorial…but it seems some do not work…


I am not sure if this great site has been posted, but check out (as in, a picture is worth 1000 words…waka waka waka :smiley: ).

Worth1000 has many great tutorials as well as some amazing photo works. However it hardly holds a candle to a majority of the stuff I have seen here. None the less, enjoy :slight_smile:


Looking at it now,

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This tutorial exercise provides step by step instructions explaining how to create a box with 3D effect. Follow the below link for more:

Photoshop - Creating a 3D Box - Tutorial for beginners



good good good good:deal:


Seems Marnault is a domainer and wants to run traffic to his domains.
most links are going to just parked web sites.

Be fair Marnault, please!


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It’s very good !!!
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When you take a picture, you want it primarily to have a good contrast. If you look at two images put together, each of them having a different level of contrast applied, most of the times the one with the richer contrast will appear more appealing to the observer. Follow the step by step instructions for more details.

Sharpening in Photoshop



Very quick and easy for novice.



A while back I came across a tutorial to create a desktop ipod like photo album. Not the black image on a color background tutorial. This was different. It was like six pictures set up kind of like the way the ipod i touch displays photos. You have the one in the center and the others to the keft and right of it with the reflections beneath them. All the photos were on a black background.
I know my description is pretty vague but if anyone has a clue of what I am talking about can you please post the link to that tutorial? I would really appreciate it

Thanks in advance

Never mind, I found the tut I was looking for.
Check it out, I think it is pretty cool


I recently found online a llist of what the editors of the site consider the best
online tutorials…

Check them out:…orials-best-of/


Nice photoshop tutorials here. I’m going to be reading for awhile. Thanks alot!


Blowout at Exit 16A

Besides endless painting, layering, masking there are several photo*graphic elements that played an important role


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Thanks, this is really helpfull =)


these are my own which i am adding more daily!


Don’t know if these two have already been posted but since I couldn’t find them here they go:

Retouch Pro

Tutorial Bucket

Both of them provide basic and advanced retouching techniques (which you can use for a bunch of other stuff as well).