Post your Photoshop Tutorial Links Here!


Here is a link to my “Learn Photoshop The Sweetest Way Series”. A series I started recently, which aims to make is easy for the absolute beginner to learn Photoshop, using Pictures and easy language. The series is still going, but I expect it to be done next month. I hope you like it:-


Are there any tutorials for achieving realistic Depth Of Field? Photoshop’s filters are quite hard to tune to make it real


I think this channel also will help them who want to learn about Photo Editing related services.


Have started working on videos again. Here is a new one showing me painting in photoshop. Sad to say it does not catch original comments because of having to replace music.

And here is an older one.

Hope to have a steady stream of new videos.


There are some Photoshop-related tutorials (video and PDF) at:


Here is my tutorial site -


Many links too :slight_smile: I have to take some time to refer to all of these links : D


Thank you for the link. Hope this will be helpful for the newbie like me. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I’ve just released a series of 10 videos at 5 minutes each about the absolute basics of image editing at this link:

udemy free course

This is not a course about how to use any one bit of software. It just covers the basic processes & in what order you would do them with just about any image editing program. The majority of the videos use Photoshop Elements but I also use Affinity Photo and Pixelmator.

Ahem! - this course does not recommend any one bit of software over another. The very basic stuff I show was selected because the course is for those people who come to an advanced image editing program with all it’s buttons and don’t know where to start. It aims to show you what sort of things you should be starting out with. It’s for people who have said something like:

‘I want to improve my photos. I’ve looked at one or two programs like Photoshop but all of them are just a confusing mass of buttons. Where do I even begin to understand what to do?’

Thanks for your time & I hope the lessons prove to be of use to as many of you as possible.


Here is an article how to add presets to Lightroom 6*
As for me it’s easy and well written.


These Are mine tutorials i have video channel included on my page hopefully it will be helpful for the beginner.


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best Photoshop tutorial


Thanks a lot for this useful tutorial. I will apply it with Adobe Photoshop 7.0.


Image Editing Guideline with Adobe Photoshop for E-commerce Image Optimization:


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