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------------------------------big list----------------------------------------- [duh!] *** *** *** **** n/a *** [Loads Of Links Here] [Awesome one of my Bookmakrs] [List wouldnt be complete without] [Nearly forgot this beauty] [great guy, some amazing ps work] [dude] [A few free .psd layouts] [What can I say ] [awesome] [Another really cool guy] [Broadband] [Dialup] [pen tutorial]
Photoshop 7.0 Classroom In A Book:
Lesson 1: Getting to Know the Work Area - 4.2Mb
Lesson 2: Using the File Browser - 4.5Mb
Lesson 3: Basic Photo Corrections - 3.1Mb
Lesson 4: Working with Selections - 2.5Mb
Lesson 5: Layer Basics - 4.9Mb
Lesson 6: Masks and Channels - 4.8Mb
Lesson 7: Retouching and Repairing - 2.2Mb
Lesson 8: Painting and Editing - 4.8Mb
Lesson 9: Basic Pen Tool Techniques - 2.5Mb
Lesson 10: Vector Masks, Paths, and Shapes - 2.8Mb
Lesson 11: Advanced Layer Techniques - 2.9Mb
Lesson 12: Creating Special Effects - 2.4Mb
Lesson 13: Preparing Images for Two-Color Printing - 2.3Mb
Lesson 14: Optimizing Web Images and Image Maps - 2.9Mb
Lesson 15: Adding Interactive Slices and Rollovers - 3.1Mb
Lesson 16: Creating Animated Images for the Web - 2.3Mb
Lesson 17: Setting Up Your Monitor for Color Management - 1.8Mb
Lesson 18: Producing and Printing Consistent Color - 2.2Mb (tx russ) (tx solarize)


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holy mother of pearl. You have WaY TO MUCH FREE TIME! lol :eek: :surprised


WOW!! Daaaaaammnnn… Thats exelent!!

THANX m8!!!


Someone please pin this!!


294 views 3 responses, mabey this will get the ball rolling…

If you have any other tutorials that i didn’t list post them here, this way all the tutorials will be in one easy to find thread :slight_smile:


Thanks Marnault! I was looking for some photoshop tutes for a friend just getting into PS, and found yer monster list. Amazing, Thanks for the time and effort!.-don


pin this…saves lot of people asking for photoshop tuts…


Originally posted by bumskee
pin this…saves lot of people asking for photoshop tuts…

Might wanna go through it and fix the duplicates and broken links first…good list though. Found some good stuff. Thx m8.


Too Dope 2 Tell It In Words,
Im :applause: you from here :wink: :cool:


My tutorial page… its not much:


My tutorial page… its not much:

One of my very first Photoshop tuts page I visited!! been looking for this site for sometime. Thanks.

this one is nice too pretty decent and well known


Hey ive seen the list huge… its gonna take me 2 years to look through all of that… Does any one know the site that has tutorials on drawing very photorelistic people… or coloring i mean… i know its been on this forum a while ago… but i ended up smashing my old comp with the link… to taht site soo if any one knows of it can u pls pls pls post a link … ty ty ty


are there any tutorials fr creating textures



I loved this thread…as i’m hard studyiong in PS! But i want to complain about something (if i’m using the wrong verb to say that i don’t agree with something and i want to say why teel me what’s the correct verb please)…

If it’s possible could you moderator write in every url what is the tutorial about??? Cuz for those people who use Dial-Up connections like me is difficult to have to enter in all the url just to look if it’s interesting.

I don’t want to be (I don’t know the name of a person that don’t like anything hehe)…

Just thnak you for all man…


A big thank you for showcasing my site (I’m the owner of



Didn’t see the link for this one in your post, but it might be in there somewhere.

a whole lot of tutorials.


I will list also my own tutorial site, just for listing.

If you click on the US/GB flag all the site will be in english.

Soon a full english version at


TY! Very much I have been trying to find some free tutorials. :bounce: