Post your Mudbox WIPs here.


I also did turntable, if you like it, you can view it:
Few more sculpts are also available there. I have some other works, but I can’t show them yet.


very nice… I checked out your blogs and stuff… nice work M@ti

Thanks for sharing more of your “stuff”!!
I’ll be keeping me eye out for the rest (the ones you can’t show yet) :thumbsup:



some remodel of old quake2 soldier. med-detail after retopo in topogun.


first attempt to work with mudbox.


my first sculpt in mudbox, got a little carried away hehe. I love this program


My second try with mudbox. I’m not a professional of this software.I like working with these kinds of softwares on my spare time.I tried Zbrush before Mudbox and i can say texturing is more fun with mudbox. All crits are welcome :slight_smile:


What is the metod to make the character pose on mudbox after the sculpt session?


nice horseman…

i will give you the answer at the end of this week…


you can go to the lowest level, export this base mesh into your 3d software, pose, and then import this posed mesh as a layer in your model.


Ok I can try and I will let you know.
Thanks a lot


mudbox 2011 has posing tools…


hi people so this is my first time in this forum,and my first experiment with mudbox and any other 3d program software.

4/5 hours learning autodesk mudbox tools.

and some work in photoshop too

And one titan finger I did today


little ugly soldier …


done with the backing of the aoc and normal map … on teh low res …
around 12,5k tris

mudbox 2011 screenshot + photoshop


finals …
mudbox screen rendering + post in ps


ok so this is my first time ever making anything 3d in any type of program it took me about three hours working on and off(because I was watching tv lol) but yeah I need some advice. how do i put eyes into this model and how to a get textures(like fur and skin tones) onto it like everyone elses models? I dont know all the tech stuff about mudbox this is my first time using it. I didnt make a basic mesh like some people might do(atleast thats what ive heard) I just did everything in mudbox. also is it possible to animate this sculpture how do I do that? This is in no way done close to being done. its in need a major work. comments would really really help please.


just doodling


how did you get eyes into the sculpture? also did you start off with a base shape from like maya ir 3Ds max and then do the detail or did you do it all in mudbox?


how did you get eyes into the sculpture?

separate object with separate shader … just a diffuse map

? also did you start off with a base shape from like maya ir 3Ds max and then do the detail or did you do it all in mudbox?

started with my own base simple head meshe , but could have started from a cube or the mudbox default head …it do not matter as i would retopologise later anyway :slight_smile:

here another style research


trying my hand with mudbox, so much simpler to use than zbrush, what do you think?