Post your modo WIPs here!


tnx TimeActor, great dezing on the bike, really nice line flows!

I mostly used edge extrude, grow polys, background constrain and edge knife! Modo has some GREAT modeling tools! :slight_smile:
Here are the wires


here’s the gun for the Soldier i’ve posted a few replys ago :slight_smile:


Last few month i´ve a timeout and i´m not beeing here because my healthy was not so good.
your work look´s pretty amazing! Like to see more!


WOW!!! this is really good! I have this bike too, so i can say that you captured all of the parts and curves perfectly! I would love to see this rendered.


I Would love to talk to anyone that knows about rigging in modo.


I love Fury. Nice work…

my video Tutorials

Zbrush Modo
Maya Pusion Modo:


The IMC Machine from Contact. Modeled in Modo by 11 students.