Post your modo WIPs here!


Heres a model I’ve been working on lately. From my Animal Farm scene. Still alot of work to do. This character is Napoleon, main intention was to make him armored and general-like.


there’s a 30 day free trial, check it out


sup guys…here’s a W.I.P. I’m currently working on for about 2weeks now…as you can see it’s a pretty simple scene…basically it’s a wooden bathHouse or room rather that will include a humanFigure, which I’m modeling now…perhaps some C&C from you guys to make it better?..




Hi Everyone,

Well, I haven’t post anything here at CGTalk for very long time. I have been quite busy with something else and finally got some time to work on this one.
The idea is the legendary “Gray” Alien, but with some changes to my style.
It was modeled in modo 301, sculpt in Zbrush 3.1 and Rendered in Modo 301.

I am still working on the eyes, but unfortunately, my computer is showing its age and I believe is about time to change to upgrade my computer as soon as I can.

Hope my current computer will hold till I finish some details still.

Any C&C are welcome and I hope you will like it so far.
Thank you.

In modo 301 with the displacement applied from zb3.1

Test painting in modo 301, side view.

New painting.

Close Up.

I am currentely working on the eyes and I really hope that it can come up really good the eyes. As I can picture it, it wil make a huge difference on the character.
Cheers and welcome any C&C.

Thank you,


I love modo 301. I hope y’all know who this girl is.

As you may have noticed, she lacks eyelashes. Since modo doesn’t have support for hair, i’m thinking i should just use a curved plane textured with eyelash hair, coupled with alpha mapping to make the non-hair parts invisible.
I’m hoping the same technique will work on her eyebrows. (i’ll layer the planes, of course.)
And then hopefully, i can figure out a way to make it work on the actual scalp hair.


Modeling Process


The texture doesn’t match the displacement very much. It makes it look more like a painted sheet of latex stretched over something bumpy. Try adding a little more color detail around the major ridges but tie it into the the way the ridges look.


Hi guys,
this is some work I recently did for the WIP/Critique: Game Art Design area.
It is all done in modo 301. If you want to know more please visit: The head shot gallery







Well, not much going on in this thread, right? Too bad the modo section is so deserted…
Anyways, here I show you some more of my modo head sculpts. Enjoy.




well here’s my attempt at realism. Working progress. haven’t figured how to do hair yet. The process is amazingly easy and simple to understand due to the vast library of seriously well made tutorials that are available. My efforts on other programs never really peaked much…
Modo’s a great program, wish it was more complete a package but I know it’s coming…


Wish modo did hair. Sorry about the crappy rendering, I just dont get how yet…


thats mine:

one of the images in the topic:


Hi everybody,

I’ve gotten through the transition process from Carrara to modo, and the latest updates on my F-22 project ( ) are all modo now.

What a great, powerful set of tools! Can’t wait to get up to speed, and I’ve got to say that Dan’s book and DVD’s REALLY helped me learn the basics.

Lots of great folks on the Luxology forums, producing some fantastic work.


She is my first character. I like to watch Japan anime, mange and novel. She is my favorite role. So I did the artwork.


Great job with the character!


Hi everybody,

I’ve been using modo since September 08, (not long) and LOVE the tools and the whole modo workflow. All of my new modo work can be seen at

And… The modo community is one of the most helpful I’ve been involved with. Some hugely-talented artists, and very nice people. I was having a hard time transitioning to modo from Cararra, and those on the forum really saved me a lot of headaches, getting me through the learning phase.


Hello! A little project I’ve done for a challenge:

The link to the WIP doesn’t work here, some word in the adress are automaticly replaced by ******. If you’re interested I will post some images in this thread.


Another image / tutorial on this site:


Apparently there is no way to post a link… !?


It is my new artwork for new year!