Post your modo WIPs here!


I think its time 2 make change 2 modo ,


This is my first sceen made by modo 201. It’s quite fun to work with modo!


another view

some details


nice work,keep up


Nice modeling. It has a little SQUARE like feeling. Sometimes i wonder if is it necessary to use combination of mutliple modeling tools or it’s rather professional perverting hehe.


Finally completed an idea I had, using fingerprint images as a displacement map. It’s a bit rough ‘n’ ready, but I think it turned out okay…


Yay its the Camera tutorial.
Just started using Modo:bounce:
Finally feel like I’m making progress^^.


I know its very simple, but it really is a first (public) WIP.

C & C welcome.
Advice on texturing will be sought presently.

Bernard D
Babblings of a Beginner


^That’s not too bad. Actually it would look pretty awesome if you added some good lighting and textures (and replaced that awful directional light with something else).


Thanks, its just a modelling exercise at the moment, I intend to do the ‘other stuff’ once, a) I’m totally happy with the modelling and b) I can figure out how to do that, :wink: .

Bernard D
Babblings of a Beginner


Hi here is my first Character, It is WIP so I’m aware of some issues, The eye brows and eye lashes haven’nt been put in yet. Anyway here it is and Constructive critisim is welcome.


Hello. This is my Swiss Swatch. It’s also my first modo project


It’s called Modia-Player :wink:
Just a Vision in my mind…


Here is something I have been working on and off for awhile now.

J. Dalton


This is my lastest work. Still play around with modo render


This is a room I’m working on at the moment.

Right now I’m re-modeling the sofa from scratch to make it a little more complex / interesting, then I’ll add more tablets and detail to them - items, plants, etc…


Neat. Though you might want to reduce the level of reflection on the floor there, or at least give it blurry reflections…


I’m working on it at the moment :wink: Thanks for the comment! It’s already much better.


Is Modo a good program for modeling? I need a program that is user friendly for modeling furniture and props. Plus good realistic shading and lighten. But 90% modling, so is it good for modeling objects and complex objects?


I’d say so, see their gallery / forum at


Two images from me. Modelling took about 30 minutes. And render time was about 15 minutes.