Post your modo WIPs here!


Thanks Lexypobi. Um, I am not really someone to teach anyone because I am learning too. Mostly just trial and error kinda thing. I prolly did it the hard way too.

I took some polys from the rim and made a basic tire from it. Hit the ‘d’ key to add more geomtry to it while deleted any unwanted loops I don’t need. Selected the polys in the pattern I wanted then beveled them inward. Then added some loops to the inside of the tread. Used a linear falloff and rotated the tire a little. Then mirrored it.

An easier way I heard is to start with flat plane, make the pattern and bevel. Clone it a number of times and merge the verts. Then bend it 360. Mirror it. Serve with beer.

I have seen alot of treads done without sub-d, that might be a better way to go.

Like I said, I am too much of a novice to really give advise but I like to help. So maybe someone else can correct my lack of knowledge.

Hope it helps.

J. Dalton


thanks a lot pill box,

am currently building a jaguar XK and i kinda have some husul on the tire, i will post it when it is completed. again thanks a lot, there is nothing like a little help, every help serve a big purpose.



Hey dolton, what do you think about this, let stick together so we can share ideas hah, i’ve been in 3d for about 3 years now currently using xsi and modo, infact am married to modo, so i do all the modeling in modo and send it to xsi for animation. Still waiting for the 201 release, am located in Ghana (West Africa) am currently writing a tutorail on wireframe rendering for xsi.



Here’s a new model I made for my GF for valentine’s… Getting it printed in that crystal stuff :slight_smile:


Okay, so this technically started out in Maya, before I bought modo, but I did a lot of the detailing and tweaking in modo, as well as many of the components (the front wing I’m still redoing in modo)


been testing modo’s edge and bevel tools. very cooll


Candleholder I made in modo.



Here is my first female head model. I think is working pretty good exept for the jaw area that doesn’t convince at 100%. The reference model is cristina ricci.


gooood works

hope to catch your level later :bounce:


i really liked the heads modeling

may i have any lessons for such modelling but to be kind of easy plz


I’ve been working on this for about a week, now I’m just adding details.

It’s about 22 000 poly’s right now, but no subd’s so thata gotta count for something.


Very nice armoured vehicle.
I like it!


An old Singer sewing machine, please don’t mind the n-gons; I will clean them up in the next phase.


Hello everybody.
I’m doing my first steps in modo today and after 10 minutes of work I have my first problem.
I modeled this:

(click fot bigger picture)

then i wanted to subdivide it:


What I made wrong and … how I can erase the problem?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think you have duplicate polys. Theres a script on called mesh cleanup.

You should download that, unzip it and when in modo, press F6 and browse to the location of the extracted script. It should solve your problem.


hey wow, that you! That script rocks :slight_smile:


XSI base mesh, Zbrush blocking out, very heavy modo tweaking.


Hello dudes, this is my first post here, I hope you like my cute Dentucinha:


And I get at my first final render, lol… Soon I pretend to animate my Dentucinha in LightWave, below is a background theme based on Dentucinha, feel free to download (don´t use for commercial purposes please):


Hy again dudes, here is a shot of my project, see ya: