Post your modo WIPs here!


You people are doing some really nice work, I’m glad to see modo being used by such talented 3d artist. Its such an awsome app. :buttrock:

WIP: This is what I am working on currently, without Modo’s unique tools I wouldn’t be able to create this with ease.

Thanks for looking and good luck on all your awesome models:thumbsup:


Wow, it is very complex. :eek:


An update for my wheel:


Hmm, howd you start this model off? a primitive? or go poly by poly?


A Logitech mouse from a video-tutorial I make, half completed.


Muy bonto.
Multu mesc for your videos. :slight_smile:


holy shit, thats inspiring right there, nice work


An update for my mouse:


Hey hello everybody Here is my new character in modo


Just have some fun playing with modo and rendering with lightwave.



Wow, very good.


salomon: that’s a fantastic render!!

posted this in the Lux forums but thought I’d post here as well… been modeling this for a while. actually, the modeling is finished but have been playing with style for a while. gotta fix those eyeballs!


thanks dudes, AmaanAkram your model is simply amazing same without textures, can’t wait 201 with rendering tools.


Just trying out the Modo demo… This is my first attempt at an entire head, it could use some poly flow work, but I thought it came out rather nicely.



great work all…

here is mine modelled in approx 2 hrs. using MODOHey


This is based on the Yamaha Deinonychus concept electric motorbike. It is roughly 50% finnished.

J. Dalton


Some really cool stuff being shown here. Just started using modo myself. Hopefully I’ll have something cool to share soon instead of the really lame cartoony fish I did.


Aww… come on… lame isn’t too bad. This is all I’ve done. Nothing spectacular but it’s something.

With a wire



Fixed some problems


That an awsome work, i like the detail on the tire, can you tell how you got that detail any answer will be deeply apreciated