Post your modo WIPs here!


My second Modo model (WIP):


continue WIP


I’m really liking that design Vicox

Sonceng: She has lovely soft facial features. You may want straighten her leg a little and imagine a bone going through it. Also her back muscle where her neck meets her back, need to be brought out, just a tad.


This is posted elsewhere on the forum *and at lux. But figured i’d post it here, since I haven’t posted anything in this thread for a while.

Still very much a WIP. Theres some issues that I’m aware of, But I’ll get them sorted out.


Well nothing original. I’m following the head tutorial.
Here’s my work so far…

Things started out really slow (I’m a Newb), but the more I’m learning, the faster I’m working. I’m really happy with this software! Great fun and I can’t wait to try some reference photo’s and see how I do following the same techniques. I’ve got some NGons which I understand may give me problems in Lightwave? Any advice around them? Or maybe I misunderstood and it’s no big deal.



Its back of camera in Andrew Brown tutorial… i started back of camera… but i think its not good.


a monstertruck with the body of the mini… started as my first car ever but thought it was a bit boring becouse everybody is modelling cars… so i gave it my personal touch…gonna texture it in modo201…


Modeled in Modo and waiting for the new render engine. For now, simply rendering in LW.



I made this a while ago. It’s the triceratops mecha from Power Rangers.


Pi3141 very impressive work …


I just start practicing in modo and did this …

Maybe my next watch…

I just think in some bracelet style


some very impressive works here. especially ViCox. :thumbsup:

here my first model in modo.
a boat, spaceship, molusk, asteroid, chair or whatever…

export mascii. rendered in maya. nice and simple pipeline :applause:


My gooosh you guys really have some crazy models in the works. Totally inspiring me to work harder and get some POSTS up!

Harvardgrad: This head tutorial you mentioned. could you give me the link? Could use a new method of modeling heads. my current methods arent very efficient :stuck_out_tongue: thanks mate!!

Wen Hao


Kinematics: i think that it is the tutorial


my latest work in MODO/LW


Some great work in this thread it’s good that’s it’s all in one thread too
Shows Modo as a top modeler which it is

Anyway feel alittle weak around all this greatness :bowdown:But I’ll post anyway :blush:
Doing this more of a test of trying to rig XSI stretchy arms and legs
But hey it was modeled in Modo :slight_smile:

A Quick XSI render Should have an animation done over the weekend :wip:



One of my last works:


Just getting going…



Here it is a wheel i am modeling using a tutorial from SimplyLightwave.