Post your modo WIPs here!


I made this model for study.


What do you think? Modo models fast. Hehe. I think I will upgrade from demo.


DAMN! How the hell did you do that?!


Xtrm’s work is very easy to spot… So sweet! Anyway, here is a gun I’m re-working to take advantage of “edge” support… If ya wanna see a motion test thats kinda old but shows gun and skeleton minus tripod you can


I was doodling around yesterday, and came up with this in a couple hours. I think most of it was beveling and slicing. I’ll probably be adding more details to it as I find time.


this is my first model ever in any 3d app. i’ve been learning modeling for 3 monts ,after seeing this model, what do u think, would i be a good model ever ? how long it will take for me to model productive… sory for bad english


Hey man, is this your first 3d model? Great work!


sorry to post again, but this image rendered one for better preview.


thanks sonceng.


please go here : ,i’m using modo to create my 3D still, just lazy post both way! please give me more comments, i just using modo for a month only, before that, i’m using lightwave, now i fall in love with modo already:bounce: thanks for your viewing and comment.


gee, nice work everyone! I think its time to give modo a spin myself…


An attempt of modeling cell phone


Some of you here may have seen this at the luxology forums, but I thought I would put it here too.
It is a model of my guitar that I own which is a Jackson SLSMG Soloist.

Please comment/critique and for more pics or info, see here:



Well, I finally have time to start using Modo. And it totally lived up to all the hype. As a long time LW user I jumped in and got to work right away, I didn’t really hit any trouble spots except for having to manually clean up the boolean from the screw threads, but I would have had to in LW anyhow… (hint hint, fix the booleans already).

Here’s a rotation of it:



Here is my clock that i created with Modo and rendered with 3Ds Max, so i think it turned out pretty good.


still working on my japanese pilote in my free time … modelling his plane right now … not 100 % done … just a wip



Here is my little addition. This is close to finished. More can be seen at luxology’s forum.

J. Dalton


love that revolver.


I have to say that I love modo… Speed, layout, quality and smooth subdivision surface modeling… mm…
enyway here is my current wip… 1 of my first modo objects… I love it…