Post your modo WIPs here!


3 characters recently made in modo (from left 2 right lol: Invader, Spike Tail Rabbit, Creature)


one more plz


man that Ripper can model…

ripper do ou teach modeling? if not you should…then tell me where you teach so i can sign up… :slight_smile:


maybe if you spent more time learning/using Modo and less time trolling the forums, you can model like that :wink:

seems like your trollng at luxology also…under a different name(cuz both ID cant spell properly )


another pleasent post from renderman… how nice…hes full of friendlinesss and love … what a fun guy to be around i bet…ask him for help and see what you get… lol…

some people make life worth living , ya know… my, my the good times…

ill look forward to hearing more cool comments from renderman…you bettcha…

(hmmm, i thot i was on his ignore list… i was hoping anyway)


Okay, no one has posted anything in a month. What no one has made anything new in a month? Come on, people, your supposed to post your wips here.


Try the WIP progress forum at More stuff is over there and luxology might actually notice your work then and include it in their newsletter.


hey everyone,
I am currently working on making a ghost ship. the main reference for the model is a galleon from the 17th century. this is what I have so far, only been working for an hour. right now I am just boxing it out, but here is what I have so far:


Just out of curiosity how long did this take you to model in modo? And how long do you think it would have taken in a “regular” modeler?




23 hours to model in modo

If I had to do this in any other program, it would have taken me at least a week, maybe 10 days. I actually modeled and textured the whole character not just the head and torso, but he looks meaner in a closeup :slight_smile:


In modo it took me 23 hours to do

In any other app it would have taken me about a week, maybe 10 days.

I actually modeled the entire character, but he looks meaner in closeup :slight_smile:



Here’s a slight update to my Reaver Jetbike model, this render shows the detail in the engines much better. Warning… Large Image

Click here


heh think you forgot the attach image :slight_smile:


Here’s my first actual attempt with Modo…still in wip form but the basic shape is there. :slight_smile:



Found a cool toy to make to explore the Modo demo.
Hope I can finish it before the demo ends :wink:
Aaargh, need some cash.

Anyway, here is the start of the helmet:


Fixed the rounded screen…


Nice,it makes me think of the old Fighting Fantasy books covers designs :slight_smile:



here’s a little something i’ve been working on…
my first attenpt of a human head…i should mention that i have just totally been winging it as i
went along…so this is more or less doodle and there are probably a million anatomical anomalies…i intend to fix that later but i think its a decent start

crits are most welcome…



some rendering test … for a modo projeckt

and a rendering for an upcoming charachter workshop for the’‘digital producktion’’
the leading print publication for 3d in germany


bahahahaha…A en pisser de rires!

Awesome work!