Post your modo WIPs here!


look like a really funny charachter ,

naked … but where is his winnie ? heheh

do you have a wireshot ?



Maybe it’s a female! :wink:


or may bee its what he use as a nose ? :buttrock:


I like both of those idea’s, however at some point this creature is going to get dressed. Nothing traditional mind you.

Here’s the wire:

and a quick update, I reworked the mouth, and started the blend shapes.

On a side note, it sure has gotten quiet around here. Everyone’s building models I guess;)


Here is a model that I’ve been working on/off over the last few weeks based on a design by Miles Teves.
I wanted to build the base in Modo and then bring it into ZBrush2 so that’s why there is not a lot of detail in the face and ears. I’m also thinking about building a body but I have so little free time it might be a while till I could finish it.
The head has a lot of polys especially since I want to take it into ZBrush, but I had so much fun modeling it in Modo it was hard for me to stop!
I might just finish it in Modo if I don’t like how it’s going in ZBrush.




look like a really cool start


Thanks xtrm3d! :slight_smile:
Here is a little update. I think it’s ready to take it into ZBrush.


thats a skinny throuat… and that thing looks to be big right?


Hi guys.
Playing with modo for 3 days. My first wip.
Soon for updates. Have fun with modo.


modeled in Max then moved to modo then back to max for symmetry, shading, and rendering. (still dont know how to use the modo mirror thingy). I wonder if max supports vertex weight subd maps. i think it screws up the reflection on the mesh, so i want to edit it in max.
small render not final though.


Another character I’ve just started… when I’ve got some free time:

The ripper.


Double nicess on the car design an dof course Ripper’s new black guy
(hey don’t about the ska short mini-tutorial in the skin shader thread).


your best mesh IMHO so far, congrats Jacques!


Thanks for your comments :slight_smile:

Julez4001: [color=White]I didn’t use Ska on this one yet… I usually render that pass when working on textures.

ThirdEye: Thanks I hope it’ll look eventually better.

Here’s a little update… I used some of the Jamie Foxx references from ‘Collateral’ to improve it… I’m not going for modeling him actually but if you find some likeness… you’ll know where that comes from :slight_smile:



Just a little project I’m working on :slight_smile:


Here is my WIP and my first serious model at all, so plz tel me what do u think about. :smiley:

It’s about 8500 polys…maybe too much? The “real” object is quite complicated, so i’ve decided to model only the most important details and leave the rest to the bump mapping.


well beast i looks really great to me. What render did you use to shade that thing??



I’ve used Maya Mental Ray. Just Final Gather for scene lighting.

On the other hand ambient occlusion works better expecialy with model details. Check thistread for more infos.


Hi there!

This was a modo/LW/FPrime combo.

These tuners will end up on a guitar someday.


Whoa, beast and polymess… excellent work… I love the scratches on the keys, really gives you a level of detail that a lot of people would leave out!