Post your modo WIPs here!


Whooohah! i’m diggin’ this model Desse. I must say, i think this one is the best character you’ve done to date. Morphs look cool and those ears look great too man.


Excellent work!

Could you post a wireframe 13gargoyles?


Thanks Dion,
I appreciate your comment.
Here ya go. Lot’s still to do, I hope to post an update soon.


I’ve finally got some textures on the lamp! I also finished the ribbing on the lamp post.
As always, there’s more tweaks to come, but I’m basically happy with it.
I’m going to finish the base, ground it, and finalize textures, and put it to bed.

Merry Christmas to all.


Look Really Good


Love the lamp! You mentioned on the Lux forum that you are a Maya user. Was this rendered in Maya? Well done all way 'round.



Thanks for the kind words.

Brad: Yeah, it’s rendered in maya with mental ray.
Lookin’ forward to seeing what Luxology comes out with in the new year.
I love modo!

One more update for the night. Just updated textures, and playing with the light switch
a bit.


This was the first test project I started when I bought modo. It was never really intended for anything other than a simple test, but it came out fairly well. I was going to clean it up more, but I just haven’t had a lot of time recently, so here it is.


joyeux noel first …

here we go with a small update again ,
the flight google + helmet electrical wire cable are on the way , then i would start on the body

cool rendering … the color add really a nice feeling to your lantern …
me curious to see how it could look in an environement + hdri lightning

for a test and a first object in modo … well… well done :slight_smile:


small update on the head …
time to start with the body :slight_smile:


That kicks ass Desse!!! Love the detail you’ve got in him.:thumbsup:


This is the final version of the lamp.
Thanks for watching.

xtrm3d… amazing work!!
How’s the body comming along?
You’ve given me the urge to do a character next.


really impressive …
you should add a little bit of procedural on the metal … to give him a somewhat older and rusted look
could perfectly fit with the setting i want to put my pilote in …
nice to see that i am not the only one inspired by the asian culture :slight_smile:

i plan to start on the body tomorow


and here we go …
just started toay to block out the body …


Man, that was fast!
Look’s good, and nice proportions.
What are your thought’s regarding modo at this point?
Just wondering…


What are your thought’s regarding modo at this point?

well… without wanting to be stamped as a fanboy or other kind of apllication integrist …

i really feel confortable in modo , coming from a lightwave background , and having a good knowledge of the modelling tools in xsi ( that i used for production work and still use from time to time )
i was able to dive into modo really fast … 1 day … may be less
even if right now the history or some other tool , is not as powerfull as xsi or maya , i really enjoy the pretty straight forward and intuitive approach that modo have ,

and tacking account that modo is still in his infancy compared to the other older application

  • this is a really stable piece of software for a 1. version
  • it look like luxology is really listening to theyr customer and try to give theim what they want ( upgrade

conclusion ?
i really like modo , and since i use it … i did not fire up my lightwave modeller anymore … just using lightwave for riging , texturing and rendering …

and i dare to imagine that in some future… …well that another story … :rolleyes:


just played round with some renering today , going further into the drawed look that i want to achieve …

this one would be the last picture that i post into this thread ( seem really quiet here these last time …lol )

if you want to follow it … and give constructive critique and advice …( always welcomed )
please follow this link to the wip forume :


uuuuupppss … sorry … double click


I’m new to CGTalk, but an “old” LW user. All I can say about all the great work I’ve seen in this thread is WOW!

GREAT STUFF!!! – Really makes me interested in MODO.



Xtrm- it looks great. I love the render, it has that illustrative quality that I love.
great work.

I had mentioned that I was going to model a character next…
I’ve already got a thread going over on the lux forum, but I’ll throw it up here too.
Still so much to do, it never ceases to amaze me how much work goes into a 3d character.