Post your modo WIPs here!


Very nice work. I think this latest render looks great. While there are other ok organic works here, yours is the only example that shows you understand when to provide the required extra detail in critical areas to maintain the sharper edges necessary in certain parts of the anatomy. Others seem to place a high priority on making overly simplified meshes for their organic pieces. The difference is in the details as they say. I’d like to hear some detail on your lighting setup for the render.:thumbsup:


wow love the update Ripper. Are you planning on modelling a body for this one?

I went back and started reworking my torso. Wasn’t happy with it.

I’m still not, but then again… maybe I put a high priority on making overly simplified meshes for my organic pieces :stuck_out_tongue:


would love to see a tutorial on just the treads alone. Looks awesome. I have a probably silly newbie question. when you model somthing like that I am guessing there is a lot of copying or cloning. Do you just line each individual ssection of tread up manually or are the actually “hinged” in some way all together??? I was going to try and build some like yours but have no idea how to put it all together.


Man I tutorial “modo Specific” would help me (and im sure others) Greatly.
Also A quick question. I am trying to model a airplane from 3 view drawings. any suggestinos on the main body? Is there a way to draw like three loops, front middle rear and connect them with polys?? I know there is an easy way to do it I just dont know how.


uhhh tutoriall… nice… im a modo idiot if you can call it that way... i deal mostly with maya.. thats why.. but ill try again with this tut… tx


Heres a bill murray update


Hello there,
After seeing so much work posted I decided to join in.
Most of the work here was started in LW, I only have modo over two weeks now. So I finished some of the last touches in modo.
Also in response to people asking about FPrime this was all rendered in FPrime.


Hey, why is Bill wearing the boots to the suit???


a little caddyshack reference in there, as well as a “What about bob” one too. :smiley:


That is awesome. I love the look. Realistic but toyish. Very cool.
I am still screamin for a tutorial on this :bounce:


for anyone looking for good info on modeling with sub-d’s

specifically this page:


great work pi,{stunning hair,little bit :smiley: }
and all you other guys great work also




Blade Sword

  This is my first Modo attempt. I am still working on some lighting and rendering.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


just started on this one …
2 hour for the first modelling/design pass …
a feareless japanes pilote for an alternat ww2 pulpe fiction seting


This is a WIP attempt at creating The Scythe-Meister.

He is a character in the Tortured Souls Collection from Clive Barker and created by McFarlane Toys.

Clive Barker is perhaps my favorite author and artists as he has a very Macabre imagination that can be seen in various films and books. Tortured Souls will hopefully soon become a Movie as the rumor mill is stating.

Anyway here is what I have so far:


I’m always lurking about the forum checking out all the amazing creations. I’ve just picked modo up, and really enjoying it. So, today I will actually make a contribution.
It’s still very much a WIP, no final textures, more modeling to do,etc.


your scyth master is taking nicely shape …
looking forward for update

ok … her we go … spend some time this morning … building teh hear and doing some corection on the nose geometry


Lookin’ very cool Desse! I like what you’ve got so far… no crits from me. :thumbsup:


thx carbon…

worked on the head and could not resist to test some more morphe target on his face to test the geometry deformation …

did not spend too much love for the cranium , cause he would wear his pilote head gear