Post your modo WIPs here!


well, She is my 10th artwork by modo 401 sp2.

I think I still have to tweak body shape and proportion.


beautiful work :thumbsup:


Still working on the finer details here and there.


Here is the quick WIP of my R&d over fur material and texture painting …
I am new to modo 401 please critic …


Hey guys,

I opened a personal WIP topic here. Will try to post wips regularly…



Hi @all,
i´ll show you my first Car Modelling which i´ve use some Blueprints.
I began with 3D (first a little bit with cinema and then i found that Modo is for me) in April 2010. After many Hours, Day´s, Weeks, Month of learning the basics i trust me to go on.
Critics are Welcome!
The Car is my Favorite Car from the 80s till today when the Motion Film “Christine” with the story from Stephen King comes out.
It is a 1958 Plymouth Fury V8.
The Car isn´t ready…the sides and back!
Sorry for my english :wink: !


Hi Martin,

i really like old American cars. Yours looks really nice! Keep up the good work!



Oh thanks a lot Stefan!
This modell enhance my skill and is another good method to get better an better :wink:
The modell should be photorealistic and i want combinate it with my own photographys.
There must be a lot of tweaking! But no problem…


Hi there,
i want to show you my car. Here is a little update and now i´m at work to get the “right” car shader.


I love Fury. Nice work…


Here is the finish of my little robot.

And here how he looks on the scene. I didn’t used shiny metal materials this time. Textured in Cinema 4D. Girl from DAZ/Poser. Imported with Interposer Pro and entire scene rendered within Cinema. Also the rooftop environment modeled and textured in C4D.

Here’s the textured look of the little robot:


Here’s my latest personal project. It’s a model that was inspired by the concept art of Chris Drysdale

But, as the model progressed i went into a different direction, experimenting with some ideas i had and shapes i wanted for the finished scene.

This is what i have so far. Not sure if i will do a gun also, still playing with ideas for the finished scene :slight_smile:

Hope you like what i have so far!

you can follow the wip thread here :slight_smile:


Hi Kerem and many thanx! I like your Robot too…great work!
I like also Milivoj´s Hardsurface Modelling with Modo.
How did you do that? Great so see some Wires.


tnx TimeActor, great dezing on the bike, really nice line flows!

I mostly used edge extrude, grow polys, background constrain and edge knife! Modo has some GREAT modeling tools! :slight_smile:
Here are the wires


here’s the gun for the Soldier i’ve posted a few replys ago :slight_smile:


Last few month i´ve a timeout and i´m not beeing here because my healthy was not so good.
your work look´s pretty amazing! Like to see more!


WOW!!! this is really good! I have this bike too, so i can say that you captured all of the parts and curves perfectly! I would love to see this rendered.


I Would love to talk to anyone that knows about rigging in modo.


I love Fury. Nice work…

my video Tutorials

Zbrush Modo
Maya Pusion Modo:


The IMC Machine from Contact. Modeled in Modo by 11 students.