Post your modo WIPs here!


Many of you probably saw this in the WIP forum, but I thought I would post the link here just in case.


A little personal project that I’ve been working on…


Here’s a little modern CD Player :smiley:


Stop showin’ off, Dion :slight_smile:

yer makin’ me droool




That power armor looks so Fallout-ish I…I need to play FO. Right now.


Odd you should mention that…


as well as modelling.


Here’s an object I made during beta to test out subdiv creases. The control mesh has only 385 polygons and makes heavy use of n-sided polygons:


Hey Dion,

the first render looks awesome, i feel like i almost can touch it, so alive… do you mind if i ask you which renderer you used for this one !


I can’t really discuss rendering yet :slight_smile: sorry… but Thanks! It’s actually a very very early and very basic texture scheme.

And a quick note about the speed of modo’s modelling, is that it only took me 23 hours to create that model (even the parts you can’t see). Texturing was longer as I’m not very good in photoshop :slight_smile:


That Apple “chunk” is awesome. Looks like it was very easy to “stencil” in the detail and just jam, reguarless of N-gons.


This is pretty much a rebuild of a girl I built in LW, however:

This version was 3 or 4 times faster in modo as opposed to LW. it’s also a lot fewer polys thanks to the n-gons.

I think I’ve probably spent about 10 hours on this one, but that included a lot of goofing off making pretty modo configs. =)

You might ask: what makes it so much easier and faster that LW? I’ll chime in with Griffon here, and give a shout out to our friend, the EDGES. Being able to minimize the geo by optimizing the edges and edgeloops and using the ‘t’ mode to edit all the geometry at once… well, it’s a poly-tweaker’s dream.



Thanks! It was pretty easy to add that logo. The thing to note is that the entire model exists as a subdiv, so with the right renderer you can zoom in as far as you want and everything will stay smooth, including the logo. You can’t really see it in the render I posted, but the edges of the rubber pad have rounded corners, as well as the edge of the Apple logo thanks to edge subdiv creases.

This is not a terribly difficult model in and of itself, but keeping it as a subdiv object presents an added layer of complexity that Modo handles really well.


Here’s a little wip of a dog head…100% Modo!


Hi, here is one of the first SubDiv models that I did in Modo. Quite a simple model but very fast and easy to do in this incredibly powerful software …

cheers gary - fuzzygoat ltd.


Hi, my first venture into using Modo came with having a look at the included “build your own balloon” tutorial. After completing the tutorial I decidied to add my own touch with a high altitude balloon capsule to finish things off … here are a couple of screen grabs.

cheers gary - fuzzygoat ltd.


Hi, ok here is a character that I strated this morning (after deciding I needed to play with subdivs a little more). The images only really shows the back of the character as the front is a bit plain. The character so far has taken 5 hours to model … I don`t think I could have done this much this fast in any other pakage…

cheers gary - fuzzygoat ltd.


Here’s a piggy model I did pretty quick in modo to test edge weights. It’s a simple mesh, partially because edge weights allowed me to get sharp edges with no additional loops.
A tool that helped me here and I think is worth mentionind is Smooth. Whenever You want to get smooth surface like in piggy’s case You don’t want to tweak the shape manually forever You can just select a bunch of polys and hit smooth a couple of times and it will give You nice, smooth surface. And You can combine it with airbrush falloff to paint smoothing over surface :wink:


Is Smooth the Modo equivalent of “Tighten” or “Average Vertices”?

Nice WIPs so for! :slight_smile:


makes me wish i could model all these things, still does it have a scritping language? :smiley: