Post Your Ideas for Tutorials and Workshops!


Hi everyone,

Please post your ideas for Tutorials and Workshops here. I am not saying that I myself would be creating these Tutorials, I'm only trying to get a sense of what people are interested in seeing here. :) Someone who sees a suggestion for a Tutorial here and would like to create one is more than welcome to do so! :)

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to create and post their own Tutorials. I just ask that you follow this standard naming convention when you create at Tutorial thread:

TUTORIAL - *What It's About* - by *Your Name*

I am also open to ideas about the types of Workshops you would like to see. Bear in mind that not everything can be done, nor done at once, but I am definitely eager to entertain any good suggestions. :)




I want one on how to paint different kinds of textures.



It looks like one is on it’s way soon from zhuzhu. :slight_smile:


  • Rebeccak


I can place tutorial with character animation system made with Autodesk MotionBuilder Pro 7.5 free with Gypsy5 and BVHdata.



Hey, that would be awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

You might want to create the original Tutorial here:

Application Specific (3D Specialty)
Alias/Autodesk MotionBuilder

And then post a link to your Tutorial here on the Anatomy Forum Tutorials Forum. :slight_smile: At the moment, most people on the forum are 2D oriented, but I would love to see more 3D related things here as well. Thank you for your offer! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:

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Zhuzhu was kind enough to post a Texturing Tips Tutorial here:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



how about doing a traditional/digital modeling workshop ?

It seams with the speed of Zbrush, one is actually able to do 3d digital studies, and it might be interesting for the anatomy forum to venture down this path (possibly also exposing the forum more to 3d artist’s).
it could be something really simple … like modeling the human skull or a human hand.

it would be something I would be interested in seeing and participating in.

  • David René.



Check out the following Challenge, just posted:


Umm…they’re not modeling you…:smiley: :wink:

Let me know if you participate! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Coming soon to the Anatomy Forum:

Workshop : Digital Anatomy Sculpture 1! – The human hand - With Simo Roth

Starting Tuesday 25th: Ending Tuesday 9th of May


   [b]Anyone is welcome to join the:[/b]

[[b]   >>Workshop: Digital Anatomy Sculpture  1!  The human hand - With Simon Roth<<[/b]](

Click Link or Image to be taken to the Workshop on the Anatomy Forum. Hope to see you there!

[left] Cheers,



Hi everyone,

I’m interested in hearing your ideas for Workshops here on the Anatomy Forum. While I can’t make any guarantees as to what is run and when, I am totally open to suggestions!

Also, if you would like to run a Workshop here on the Forum, be it 2D or 3D, please post your ideas here and let me know! :slight_smile:




Some ideas
[li]50 Dynamic poses (And the poses would have to express some sort of emotion.)[/li][li]Skin Shading tips and tricks[/li][li]Eyes, eyes & more more eyes (100 expressive eyes)[/li][/ul]


RobertoOrtiz said it all =)

or Almost!
I would love to see a 50 hands & feet workshop, also.


Thanks SulaMoon,
And GREAT idea.
But I would make it
100 expressive hands & feet

to sweeten the pot.


for a work shop it might be cool to do a masters landscape and architecture. Maybe with some small human figures in the painting.

you know what would be really wild, is an H. R. Giger workshop! Man that would be great to see how people paint his stuff.

Or a workshop on master painters that did creatures, like dragons. Artist like Boris Vallejo, Giger, and I cannot think of others right now.

For tutorials I love to see how people work, anyone who has camtasia or another screen capturing program can make a video of them painting. Does not have to be a painting from start to finish, maybe 15 minutes on the beginning process, 15 on the middle process and 15 on the finishing process, this way someone gets a good idea how someone works with digital painting. They would get to hear the artist talk and explain as they paint, see what brushes they choose, and the brush settings, and most importantly see their every stroke.

I think this is better than those super fast videos with no sound. Camtasia can make pretty small video files, with the techsmith and mp3 for audio.

I am thinking about doing a video to help beginners overcome the big hurdle I had to overcome. The common problems I ran into and how I solved them.

I would really love to see someone painting in Painter IX, because I am new to this software, and I would like to see what brushes they choose and so forth.

If anyone especially beginners are interested in seeing a video step by step let me know, this will motivate me to make one. And what you would like mostly to see in the video.


or how about,
[li]CLOTH & DRAPERIES[/li][/ul]


You know what would be really cool
[li]“classes” on digital painting using OpenCanvas(only because they could be interactive)[/li][li]A “class” for Painter IX and Photoshop, with lessons, assignments, and feedback.[/li]


hm, ok, here goes nothing

First, sorry about my English! Ill try to be as clear as possible.
Also, I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I think it fits nicely in a workshop idea.

I was talking with my friends at work here, about how art can look alike but how its impossible to them to be the same! So, we had this idea some time ago, just to prove this.

We would like to gather a lot of people that work with images, both 2d and 3d. Then, we have a real detailed description of a image. Like, “a woman, around 20 years old, with white cloth of silk, standing against the wind in a mountain cenario, with flowers around her…”. The more detailed the better, can’t really describe in English, sorry.

So, everyone works on the image. At the end, we would put them together to see how each artist expressed the idea on the description…

A bit pointless maybe, but would work nicely to see how each one works, and ask yourself “oh, why I didnt think of that?”


Everyone, thanks for your suggestions! Please keep them coming! :slight_smile:


I really like your idea a lot! Let me think about this and try to come up with some guidelines for a (tentative) future Workshop. :slight_smile:




For one, i’d really like to continue the “heads” workshop theme – sttudying different body parts from master drawings, sculptures and paintings. It’s been fun, low-stress and rewarding for me anyway. I’m totally fired up about getting back to my anatomy study now. Some specific ideas would be:

– Hands
– Feet
– The male torso
– The female torso
– Arms
– Legs
– Drapery

The above would work well in 3D, (zbrush or mudbox)

Other ideas:

Still life copies from masters
Cast copies from Charles Barque
Painting and drawing studies the skeleton, human and animal
Sistine Chapel – lots of material there!

I’d also like to do some more studies from Rockwell, Leyendecker and some modern realists, some studies from Weistling and Richard Schmid and some in-depth studies of Baroque sculpture, like a Michelangelo or Bernini Pieta for example, if good reference source could be found. I’m also really into Caravaggio, Bougereau, Gerome or David… so any study of their work would be heaven!