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Back in the mid-90’s, I was working on my creator-owned comic book series “Enchanted,” and during that time I owned a yellow tabby cat. One day, I came home late at night and noticed black paw prints all over the house. I followed the prints and found the source–she had knocked over my waterproof black india ink bottle. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She just looked up at me with that “What? What did I do?” look. After cleaning up her mess (it was hard as hell to get the prints off the carpet), I went back to working on the comic (I slept vampire hours then and worked all night long). While taking a cigarette break, my cat jumped up on my light box (it’s warm from the light bulb), her paws just centimeters away from a panel that still had wet inks. I immediately yelled “Stop–don’t you dare move a hair!” She looked at me and lifted a leg. I hissed between my teeth, “Don’t. You. Dare.” She kept her eyes on me, and then proceeded to stamp her paw on that wet panel. I could’ve nuked her in the microwave.



I don’t know if this is funny or not but. . .

About 12 years ago I was taking a studio art class with a friend of mine. We are both working on our own long term projects - hers was a georgeous oil painting of an oak forest in autumn. I was working on a huge bristol board (pen and ink). The day finally came when she was finished. Everyone huddled around to “ooo” and “ahhh”. I pointed to a specific area of the painting to discuss it. To my surprise the painting was still wet and I streaked my finger across about four inches - leaving an orange and grey trail in the pigment. The entire group fell silent. I began to shake and turn red - definately ready for a well deserved lynching. My friend put her painting down on the table. The group dispersed in an awkward silence. I began spouting out apologies.

About a month after that I was still slaving away on my stiple drawing - my same friend asked to borrow my kneaded erasure. When she reached for it the desk wobbled and knocked over my india ink which in turn ran down the center of the board. At first I was stunned. That was something I’d been slaving over for three months. Then I began to laugh. Thank god, I thought. We’re EVEN!

At the end of the term she gave me her painting that I had befouled as a “no hard feelings” gift. I still have it today.


I drew an OK hand in art class a few years ago. I used my left as a model, and was puzzling over the fact that there was something wrong with it when the teacher came over. She too admitted that there was something odd about it. It took actually quite a long while before whe realized that the hand I’d drawn had six fingers. (Mine doesn’t.)


the expression on fellow male students faces when we had our first nude life drawing session in college :scream: (all of us were 16-17)


Ok, this one’s silly.

First of all, I was taking a painting class at the local high school to learn more about watercolors and oils. A lot of the paintings where kept by my teacher to be displayed in the school’s Spring Art Show (I still haven’t gotten them back yet). And the end of the course, the last day in fact, we were to come forward with our last paintings that were without a grade, and he would add them to the total score and give a final grade. I had choosen a seat right next to the teacher’s desk (I always do that for some odd reason, and not just art teachers), and could heard almost every grade that came out his mouth. Most of them were C’s and B’s with a couple A’s in there. The teacher passed right over my name. I sat there very confused, and still painting my last picture (a watercolor that did not need to be finished, just started) as he continued on through the list. I kept wondering why he hadn’t called me. Finally, after he had gone through everyone’s name, he called me (and by the way, he was going Alphabetically, and my name starts with a B). I looked up and started to slid off of my desk to show him my paintings, when he said, without even looking at them, “Oh, stay there. They’re all A’s.”


I think it took my mom five minutes to stop laughing when I told her.

And by the way, this was not meant to be a self-indulgent rant, an excuse for bragging, or an attempt at trying to tell you guys I’m great at painting (because I’m not). It’s just the only funny story I can think of right now. :slight_smile:


I was in a life drawing class and the model had a tampon string hanging out of her vagina.


I sincerely hope she wasn’t the uhm…girl? your mugshot? :surprised

lol, that’s a funny thing.

Did anyone actually say something? Could be even funnier…0_o


i dunno any funny stories.

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[i]In the olden days before anyone could afford 3d computers (you had to have a whole dedicated computer to do it then ) or software, clients from a very big international company wanted a perspective illustration in 3d style done of a factory. Being the king of perspective I got the commission. The whole idea was to have a green wireframe that would look high techy. I painstakingly constructed the perspective from blueprints and had to draw them out with an old fashioned ruling pen,… using windsor and newton guache paint on a black background, you know the pens that have an oversized nib that you use a paint brush to load and have to clean off the sides of the nib before you start drawing.

Eek it was a pain in the butt and took ages.

So the big day comes and the clients come to check it out,… they are pretty impressed cause it looks complicated like it is supposed to,… then one guy says: " can you rotate that about 30 degrees?". There were 3 or 4 illustrators standing around and our faces went white! The good news was the guy actually thought it was made with a computer!:thumbsup:


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1986, first year architecture, Freehand Drawing class, final exam:

After a long 2nd semester, we had a terrible drawing teacher who kept having us draw the still life scene with a tea pot several times using different techniques. The final exam, we had a life model standing in front of us that we had to draw.

A friend of mine who had no desire whatsoever to be in architecture school, yet a top student in the country when graduated from high school, said frustratingly:
“No matter how I try to draw the model face, it still looks like a teapot !!!”


As a young impressionable 19 year old in 1975, I went to New York, on a school art excursion - one week - to see all of the great artwiork in NYC. The school I was attending was the “Ontario College of Art” - one of Canadas finest art schools. There was as much pretension at OCA, as at any art school.
Anyways, during that trip, I ended up with a bunch of friends/fellow-students at the Guggenhiem Museum for the Max Ernst retrospective.

The Guggenhiem is a remarkable museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. It actually spirals from the top, down to the bottom - no floors ( - actually at the lower levels there are floors), but the main viewing area - all on one big spiral!

Anyways, at some point, I brushed by someone. A friend of mine said - Hey that was Salvadore Dali. I said - NO WAY!
But then I thought about it… Hey here we are in NYC, at the Guggenhiem at a Max Ernst retospective - Hmm.
I had to satisfy my curiousity, and followed the guy. At some pint, he turned around and passed by me - looked me staight in the eye and said ‘bonjour’. It was Dali! My response was “uh Hi!” (I am sure he was impressed). He was not alone. On one arm was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, held in the other hand was a cane, with a pure silver sculpted eagles head.

My little enounter with Dali spead amounst OCA students like wildfire (we were not on a guided tour, students and teachers were all over NYC). When I got back to the Taft hotel (were we were staying), A prominent Canadian art critic, who also taught at OCA, approached me wanting all of the details. Well there weren’t many - I mean Dali just said ‘bonjour’…
This critic said - you mean he actually said ‘hello’ to you. I said ‘YUP’. This critics response was “Oh boy - now when I go to parties, I can say I know someone who knows Salvadore Dali !!!”

… So much for critics …

So there is my little story - (even if it was for an instant, it was cool to go eyeball to eyeball with Dali)


PS: Damn - I still wish someone would have had a camera (perhaps my own pretension)


Ok I can’t resist - number 2

A friend at art school was in a life drawing class. Before him, was a remakable looking woman, totally naked, and in a rather provokative pose. My friend, was sitting next to a female student, bending over her drawing board, working diligently on her drawing.
It happens, that she did not have a bra on, and her position - leaning over her drawing board left her - well um - kind of - exposed. My friend spent most of the drawing session, stretching evey way he could to get a fleeting glimpse of her nipple. He said “It just didn’t make any sense - here was an absolute beauty in front of me totally stark naked, and the pose - WOW, but I was totally ignoring her, to catch one glimpse at that nipple”



WAY back in highschool for my final graphic design exam, we had to choose one of the 4 major questions and draw it out (perspective and orthogonal stuff mainly). Pretty easy. We had 3 hours, and I’m guessing I finished it up in about an hour (it was ridiculously simple). So, I’m waiting out the front for my mate to finish up… and i’m waiting, and waiting and waiting… 2 hours later he comes out white as a sheet and looking totally wrecked.
“That was insane! I only barely finished!” he said. “How did you get out so fast?”
I shrugged, and said I’d done question 3, as it was the stuff I was most familiar with. No problems.
“But what about the other ones?” he said.
“What other ones?” I replied
“The other three! Did you just skip them?”
“Yep.” I said
“Did you actually READ your coversheet?”

So I explained that he’d just wasted his whole exam time trying to do 4 major technical drawings when he only had to pick one. He passed the exam… just.

So what do we remember kids? All that study means squat if you don’t read the intructions!:smiley:


Perfect example of how plain nudity isn’t nearly as alluring as teasing with some skin but showing nothing. This is something a lot of so-called erotic artists don’t understand. Most of them have horrible taste and the imagination of a rock.


That’s quite true, but on the other hand, sensuality is best expressed with movement because of the anticipation associated with accidental ‘oops’. I personally can’t see sensuality in a painting anymore, but an artistic photograph is much more powerful from a sensual point of view. No work of art could imitate the perception of reality, but in a different way we have the chance to be elevated beyond our instincts and actually taste sensual art in a different way…


That is hilarious !!


He thought it was too… years later.:smiley:


But I’m sure I’ll laugh at this. Some day.

I went to this nude-drawing class (the kind where you draw a nude, not the kind where you are nude, though I’m sure that there are those too). The model was this stringy guy in his thirties, not overly skinny but no fat either, so really hard to draw. What made it harder was the creeping suspicion that he was a perv.

Now, I thought quite a lot about this, and I completely agree with Lunatique: nudes are not, er, appealing. Come to think of it, if you look really closely, you’ll notice what an odd thing the body is. I mean, take the butt for instance: you have the legs and you have the torso, and in the middle you have this weird connecting thing. But enough of butts and back to business.

I thought that it must be just me, that I’m this uptight little girl who should just stick to drawing still-lifes. But the guy just was disturbing to look at: he had this one pose where you could actually see up his… Well, when someone’s nude you kind of tend to see most of everything there is to be seen, but if you think for a while you might guess what it was that the guy was flaunting in full view. I can even post what I drew, if someone’s that interested.

There was other indication, but lets leave it at that. I left the class quite befuddled, thinking the model was a perv but on the other hand worrying that maybe it was all me. Happily (or not) all my doubts were cleared when I heard through the grapevine that the guy works in a porno shop. So he is, and I’m not.


Wow a brush with greatness! Great story:).