Post your free rigs


Hi i took into account all feedback received on the first version of my dinoRig and here is the result… dinoRig v2.0

dinoRig v2.0 - Creative Crash Link


A ball with tail rig for XSI based on the Animation Mentor Tailor Character.

Enjoy. If you make an animation with this rig, please share your work with me. I’d like to know what was made with my rig, and show it off on my demo and website. Thank you!


I would give… well, to describe it on here might be slightly disturbing, but I would give a hell of a lot for 3dsmax versions/equivalents of the MooM, Azary, and/or Blake rigs.

I’m not a skilled rigger, I don’t know how I’d go about making such capable rigs myself; but, to the designers of each and any of those rigs, what are the chances of 3dsmax versions? :thumbsup:


Hi everyone,

Here is a little something for all of you and the entire community. This is a character rig that I have created available for free … So, enjoy and Happy Animating and make sure to send me comments and feedbacks and yes credits are much appreciated :smiley:

Click Here for Sinka


Its Only For 3ds Max … :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


thnx i guess i cant use these model in my commercial work,since they look like models from game?


There are Categories… All are not from games…


Hi! Another free rig for you to use! (some restrictions listed on the site)


This is awesome! Tons of rigs I never knew about! Thanks for the resource!


dont know if this has been mentioned before but has links to tons of rigs.


CG Cookie has just released the Cookie Flex Rig for Blender as Creative Commons.
Designed for learning character animation, this fully animatable rig can be made into various characters through an extra layer of controls that let you set the height, body shape, clothing, hair and colours.
The rig features the familiar rigify style biped controls, as well as advanced facial controls. The shaders are set up for both Cycles and Blender Internal.

The Cookie Flex Rig was created by Nathan Vegdahl, Beorn Leonard and Jonathan Williamson, based on an initial design by David Revoy.



Pretty simple, second time or so rigging so it isn’t too fancy or perfect but hey it’s free :smiley: (click the image for the download)



i would like to share my recent free rig for 3ds max , please watch the video and i m pretty sure you will like something about it even you are Maya user or XSI , another versions will be released and also maya ones .
if you liked the video just send me Mail and i will send you it .


so I made a autorig suitable for Custom biped characters,
you can get it from

please give me any feedback you can!





Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on improving my skinning skills by preparing a character for animation, it’s ready now and can be downloaded here:!cUQV1bya!ZYJoPIYF65b65t7vr3cyczJauMIRGPVXqcoNP72yNiY

The rig is a character studio Biped with custom twist bones, fixers and facial controls. I scripted a named dependent character picker which is included (just drag and drop it into the scene), the facial rig uses a PEN Attribute Holder 2 modifier (which you can download free at applied to “Scout Head” to store facial poses, there’s also a channel box-like UI on “Scout Head” to control the transforms of the facial controls.

The file was created using a student version of 3ds Max 2013 and the character and textures were sourced from Feel free to use the rig in a demoreel, but please reference me as the source of the rig.



This thread is kick-ass and so very resourceful…I can see so much I’ve never heard or seen before.


also why not trying that too ?



and this too !