Post Your Final Entries Here!


Yet another session is over folks. Great job by everyone as always. :thumbsup:

Please post links to your animation in this thread for final voting. Do not leave comments for other animations in this thread , there will be a seperate thread created for that.



Here’s my final entry, the topic I chose was acrobatics, a big thanks to those who commented and gave me feedback, it really helped :slight_smile:

Any ways, Enjoy :bounce:

Final entry - Mov file
Final entry - Avi file


This is my Final entry.

Thanks to all who posted comments and critiques.

Looking forward to the next one.




No Motion Blur

With Blur


This session was great!

Here’s my entry.

Great job everyone! :slight_smile:


Great work so far! When does the next one start?


Hi everybody,

Here is my final

Thanks for all feedback. And is it a little bit late? I don’t know.


this my beginner animation please tell your think about my animation


Hello I ask them to look at my work and if can say what you think, give some tips, critiques and suggestions … I leave the link below to access my work.