Post Your best modeling tuts


Hi to you all. I was wondering, the link to is as dead as can be, but there was a fantastic tut on boxmodeling a head. Anyone having ideas if it would be still available somewhere else ore maybe someone saved the entire tut on his HDD. If you would be so kind than can send it to I need it rather fast. Thank you all for your help for now.


Quite a coincidence I just uploaded the site again today :slight_smile:

Secondreality is now found at or

I lost the domain when the invoices didn’t catch up with my constant moving and it was snatched up by a pornsite (luckily that doesn’t seem to exist any more either). Now I got two domains, just in case…



WOW, talking about a coincidence. This is fantastic man, thanks a million times, you are my best buddy for now.


Thank you very much parandsri for the nice collection of tutorials you posted, it’s impossible not to find useful information in all that poll of links.
Great job.


anyone knows where can i find architecture modeling tutorial? :bounce: (3ds max)
Thank you


Ok here you are :


[left]Zbrush Video Capture - remodeling a normal face into a not so normal one:

Video Link


Do you know where I can go to learn how to model some furniture?


/////////////////////// 3D LINKS: POSER etc ///////////////////////////// - addons - текстуры…oadsPoser1.html - morphs

good thread. I’ll be watch it.


||Couple of useful 3D Tutorials link i know||

[li]3dsMax: IES light in Vray [/li][li]3DS MAX Tutorials : Organic 3D Modeling [/li][li]computer case - 3dmodeling.[/li][li]Tank modeling tips by Piotr ‘Pionier’ Kolus[/li][li]VRAY TUTORIAL - Studio Lighting Explained[/li][li]Maya: Dome Based Lighting by Aziz Khan’ [/li][/ul]


Hello, I made a Table video tutorial you can find in the video tutorial section

so how was that… huh! :wink:


A good site I found which covers all the stages for developing a low-poly character thoroughly.




The best modeling tutorials I have found for Autodesk Maya is

Hope they help you as much as they have helped me =)


Anyone know of tutorials that are about box modeling weapons? Lighting is usuallly my forte’ but modeling is always a plus. Thank you in advance!


They get really into detail and the guy speaking sounds really scared but its a very good tutorial overall:bounce::thumbsup:


anyone have any tutorials on office chair modeling. I found one but it was a simple office chair, I would like something similar to the pic I have attached to this post.


Here at 3dtotal a good tutorial about chair modeling, not exact what you looking, but hope it helps. Link.


thanks for the link, but unfortunatly I already seen that and it helped some, but not alot.
thanks though


Haven’t seen this one here! =)
Loads of tuts -

sorry if double post…


This has probably been posted before. But just in case it hasn’t. In fact its that good i’d be suprised if it hasn’t been plugged.

Its an absolutely brilliant tutorial on game character modelling. Its was one of the entries for the dominance war competition I believe.