Post Your best modeling tuts


I have a few 3d Max tutorials on my website. the 2 latest (as of 2 days ago) modeling tuts are an updated tire tread tut, and a drilled break rotor tut.

 there are about 14 others on my website, most of them vehicle/mechanical related.   [](


does anyone know about some good tuts on modeling spaceships?


cool tutes ppl , does anyone has more LW tuts besides the ones already posted? , one more question, my LW pdf manual is corrupted dunno why and won’t open, does n e 1 knows where can i get another? , nice tutes! (for LW 7)

to grungelover signature (lol) : yo hablo español


awesome tutes! i’ve a lot to read now!


hi, i’m kinda new here…but i’d like to know if there’s anyone that knows some tutorials for arch.modelling…or some tips…anything


Your tutorials da best!:thumbsup:
Thank’s a lot for sharing your experience!




Sword of Darkness tutorial…

One of my own, few things still need small updates but its complete and very detailed.


Hello Guys,

if somebody need modeling a foot in Maya, here is one tutorial from Steve Stahlberg,

Useful website where you could find human models:

Somebody would like find good resources of car models, here is one.

there are a hundreds photos from vehicles, some are very good for modeling.


HAHAHA! Text tuts suck! Go to for a few kickass video tutorials! Now those are some great tuts!


Where could I find begginers tutorials for car modelling. And I mean BEGGINER!


Vimp- check out LionTR’s boxmodelling tutorial in the WIP forum, best i’ve seen


There are few tutorials in bulgarian if you want modeling heads in maya and some simple subD tutorials for begginers


Hello Guys.
Im looking for hair modelling tutorial, maybe somebody have one.


You know, bulgarian language sounds almost like russian, cool=)


Danila Master see this one for modeling hair without any 3-rd party plugins:

Or if you are a ShagHair fan check the Joan of Arc tutorial. You can find it translated in English at to the tutorials section ,then 3dmax tutorials and find it from the big list) and for the original french version.

I don’t know but maybe some simple planes mapped with detailed textures will do the work!Hope some of these will help you!:slight_smile:


Thanks for links CodeFather!
I don’t have any commercial plug-ins, so I will try to do hairs by poly=) All the more, tutorial on xenomorphic looks not so difficult.

Sorry for my random english, I have a big problems with grammar:)


anyone knw where i can find a airplane modeling tutorial? i looked everywhere :bounce:


What kind of plane??
Check this anyway.


any plane will be fine. Thanks for the link even tho i dont use lightwave.


I’m working on an extensive airplane tutorial for 3D Studio Max (for a P51-D Mustang), it’s taking me longer than expective as it rather detailed. I’ll try to have it finished next week…

In the meanwhile, check out my tutorials at

  • Modeling a chess pawn shows some basic modeling techniques for an editable poly

  • A tutorial on how to create glass material

  • A tutorial on how to create glass, copper, and silver material

  • and one on how to create those cool renders where the wireframe is still partly visible (without using photoshop).