Post Your best modeling tuts


Sorry to start up this thread again but i am looking for a arm tutorial that goes into the muscle structure. Cant find one anywhere and for some reason i cant model it on my own:hmm:
its bothering me. well if anyone has one or knows of one that would be awsome. it can be any software base, it dosent matter.

please help :blush:


animated gif showing how a head is made and few other stuff
check it out its helpfull


Hello Friends this is my first posting,its really nice to a part of cgnetworks/cgtalk.
I would like to learn some character modling, specially a real humam character .Could you give me some tips. . . OR some tutorials, which are helpful in character modling(3dsmax, maya)

Thank You.


Hello, I’m looking for a good weapon modeling tutorials. I’ve seen the the tutorial with the galil but I’ve been looking for a handgun or a smg weapon tutorial also it would be nice if it was for 3ds max. Thanks.


jei cgtalk fatie she zhide zhe me yibi ,yuncai



Anyone for all links?

download this



Some0ne : go to and then the tutorial page, there is a beginner’s hand gun tut there for 3dsmax


I am interested in tutorials centered around hard surface modeling and aircraft - is anyone familiar w/ a tute for those?









I dunno if its been posted before so here it goes

A plane tutorial that even i understood


Hey anonymous why do you keep posting images in the ‘Modeling Tut’ thread? Create a new thread if you want to get some feedback. Hijacking this thread won’t get you far.


I don’t think this one has been listed but here’s one for a nurbs head tuturial.


This is an original tree modeling tutorial I finished recently.



this is an tutorial for bandages etc. made by me.

it’s made with cinema 4d, but uses only very basical techniques like extrusion and should be transferable easily to any other application…

hey and it’s very easy to do :wink:

[=view&tx_plugintutorial_pi1[tutId]=23]click me]([cmd)



interactive tutorials:

  • Bmw M3
  • Ford Mustang 1999
  • Mig 3
  • Ferari 360 Modena
  • Alien


does anyone know of a good site to look at other peoples models? so you can analyze poly flow and how they went about modelling?



Ive made a few step by step timelapse modeling vids using sub-d’s, I use XSI in these but the methods can be used in any 3d application with some decent poly tools.

The videos show the creation of the guitar and shoes.