Post Your best modeling tuts



just uploaded some plantmodelling tutorials for Xfrog 3.5.

The finished plants also can be loaded directly into Maya, LW, Max and Cinema4DXL



Just want to add my tutorial, probably not as good as some already mentioned but hey!

Its on my site -


Anchuvi, Nice Page … :slight_smile:

Floppy disk Tute

someone asked for it


I posted this in the Max forum too, but forgot about this one. This is not the standard box-modeled head tutorial, but instead, is created using edge extrusion. It’s a very quick technique, and will let you do heads like this in about half an hour.

Hit up my site, and go to tutorials


Heres some simple tuts for beginners… Here


Had no idea where to post this but well…ended up here :surprised

Well, im doing a character atm and thought i’d make the most out of this opportunity and make some timelapse tuts. This is my first one and capturing the viewport kinda slows the workflow down. If people like this one please let me know and I’ll continue making em…one for each bodypart.

click here


it is 3dmeNOW a program that you can download from
from two pictures (one from front and one of your profile)of you head the program can modeliz your head!
and to modify it in 3ds max you have to download the pro version (even if it is expensive you just download the demo .no matter)and in the directory of the program there 's a plugin for 3ds to import the *.bio files which you can make with 3dmenow

for the 3dmenow demo download it here

and the pro version is here:

well that’s all if you have any problem contact me at


i have a tut in 3d total, noobs seem to like it, it explains bunch of basic stuff


I came across this turorial today. Its a car modeling tutorial (subaru WRX) for MAYA. Very highly detailed and extremely helpful for molding car panels using nurbs.


Muki, your tutorial is very good for me as i am animator and use 3ds max and i will make that with 3ds max

okay ?


i have many tuts

a tutorial of sasan rafie is here

and Mr muki your tutorial is for maya but i try make that with 3Ds max :thumbsup:

wait and see that in this topic



any lightwave tutorials?


good car tuts in this link :


Heres a good tutorial for all you max users…it called modelling sebulba from star wars…its the basic box modelling method…if you like it feel free to sign my guest book and tell me what other tuts you want me to write and if i get enough requests of a certain method then ill write a new one :slight_smile:
enjoy :slight_smile:

its in the lessons page…


Originally posted by twitchy
any lightwave tutorials? :cool:


Hand modeling workshop by Carl van Heezik
I gave this modeling workshop at the 3Dstudio end-user event 2003. A yearly meeting of dutch 3dsmax, VIZ and plasma users. Some people asked me if I could put it on the web.

You can find the workshop at


Here’s alot of Lightwave guides. Not hte best, but good enough…


I’ve done two modeling tutorials. One for an Ear and the other a Hand Modeling one. Neither are software specific…

(Sorry about not putting a direct link, but my site opens into a window. They’re in the tutorials section. Obviously)


Modeling a lowpolygon face, using splines and surface tools

hope it helps

Kazuya Mochu