Post Your best modeling tuts


for basic modelling in 3d studio max


Not a head, not a foot, not a hand but…a human.

Cool tuts with good screenshot and fine explanation.:bounce:


btw: lildragon, good tut for Maya :thumbsup:


There you go :


Does anyone know of a REALLY good box modeling head tutorial. One thats in decent ENGLISH and thats for low poly modeling?


I just posted a thread here:

about a new headmodelling tut I just wrote. The basics of it are usable for lowpoly modelling too (I use almost the same steps for hipoly or lowpoly).

I don’t know how decent the tut is, but at least it’s in English :smiley:



Thanks Wiro, this will help me teach someone else the joys of box modeling. Looks thorough and in English! Everything I needed.



i have some tutorials about modeling and lighting with lightwave on my page - right bottom ‘tutorials’
i hope this is usefull. comments welcome.


I ran across this one recently. Dunno if its been posted before. Apparently translated thru babelfish.


Originally posted by spakman
[B]I ran across this one recently. Dunno if its been posted before. Apparently translated thru babelfish. [/B]

Hi there!

Here’s the same tut but in english without babelfish:applause: :bounce:



I’ve been talking about presenting a tutorial for ages now. Or at least a week! THe cgChallenge was perfect for part one, so now part two is delayed.
Feedback welcome! Hope it helps some and amuses others!


Have you guys seen this?

Well worth a look.



Here’s a basic tutorial I wrote a while ago about adding grooves or ridges to a NURBS model. It’s written for Rhino but should be applicable to most other NURBS modeling apps too:



does anyone have the link to the floppy disk tutorial?


I’ve done a LW Modeling Tut here, is a strange format but covers a lot of turf.


Hi there. does anyone know how to create a fat man in Poser, Sumo wrestler type guy! I am a beginner, does anyone have any tutorials or anything like that, or possibvly a model to start me off?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



to the guy that left the address. you MADMAN.


flash timelapse head tutorial , very nice!


if you need anatomy and phisiology reference of human and animals here two great places


and for all you Wings fans… their official forum has this page which is chaulk full of links, a few which have already been mentioned and some new ones… :smiley:

enjoy and happy tweaking eh… :smiley: