Post Your best modeling tuts


here useful tutorials for advanced polymodeling: :thumbsup:


Check out my tutorials HERE! :smiley:


Tutorial about modeling a car rim in 3Ds Max. Enjoy :slight_smile:


Hello there,

This is simple tutorial for beginners about Box Modeling in 3ds max. Watch it here:



My tutorial on how to accurately model a car tyre.


ok guys
i made some modeling tutorials which i found out is the fastest and easy way to model.

tire modeling, uv mapping , 3point lighting and rendering

sofa modeling tutorial


vin diesel 3d head modeling, uv mapping and texture


making of minion


sofa modeling time lapse


chair modeling time lapse



this one is modeling ear using Ryan Kittleson method but with few tweaks.



i just wanna share this method which is still not good way to create muscles but its a easy way and i’ll appreciated if someone with better understanding of anatomy make tutorial like this.



The question is if you are more interested in sculpting or modelling with polys and vertices?


Hi to all,
I would like to share with CGSociety some time lapses about facial modeling ready for production I did last year. You can find more information about all the process here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I hope you like it!



Hello all, we launched a 3D model search engine, which finds 3D models on the Internet with simple keyword search. The models can be previewed right on your browser without any plugins! (Chrome and Firefox recommended).

Here’s the link:


Video Tutorial modeling realistic curtain advanced poly modeling :

Modeling Classic Column high details:

Modeling Kitchen sink advanced poly modeling:


Model a Scherk-Collins Saddle Surface Ring | 3dsmax

Modeling A Linked Star Ball | 3dsmax

Model A Mobius Strip Pendant | 3dsmax

Modeling Triply Twisted Torus With Holes | 3dsmax

Modeling A Beer Cap In Blender 2.73

Building A Round Starburst Window And Wall Structure In 3dsMax (NO Booleans)

More at my channel:








3d Tutorial | Voronoi Style Bracelet | 3dsmax


3d Tutorial | Ported Cube | 3dsmax


3d Tutorial | Nested Dodecahedron | 3dsmax


3d Tutorial | Cubic Gyroid Abstract | 3dsmax



Modeling a stylized Car In Maya





Hi Guys,

I made a series of free Marvelous Designer tutorials how to model a dynamic 3d tattered zombie costume.

I’ll start by showing how to create the basic dynamic dress in Marvelous Designer and then how to create the tears, rips and holes fabric using Photoshop. Lastly I also show how to export the zombie clothes from MD5 to Keyshot, set up the materials and lights and render it.

Here are the links to the Marvelous Designer tutorials:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Part 5:


Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


My latest 3d modeling tutorial in 3dsmax, covering many techniques in regard to 3d modeling to real world units for 3d print. This video includes setting up scene scale for export to stl, and modeling with manifold thickness. The object here is a customized Sphericon pendant, which can be used as a jewelry item, or digital design asset. Hope you enjoy.