Post Your best modeling tuts


Thanks to Xanthan for posting the link It is a great CG page. Thanks alot.


thanks a lot for the tutorials you guys!



I used to salvage this great tutorial. It’s back online at (link removed)
After a bit more searching I realized second reality is alive and well at this new address…


Tutorial: Model a basic Screw Driver using C4D and Loft Nurbs.


Model Free on: [link]

I’m still uploading the tutorials i think there will be 6 Movie files in all so you might have to wait to see the rest

Anyway first time publishing a tutorial i hope you enjoy it!
I got bored

if i don’t mind saying so Camtasia kinda slowed me down was like i had low FPS and the cursor flashes while recording rofl annoying you’ll notice me speeding up n slowing down some times…

Also i wouldn’t advise peeps to build this the way i did but it was kinda spur of the moment thing maybe a if i did “a here’s what i made earlier” it probably would have turned out more accurate.


i’ve made 14 tutorials and hosted them on my website. the only things is that they are dutch.
so for a all the dutch and belgium people on this forum here they are

and then go to tutorials.

ive noticed that the site doesnt work properly in some browser trying to fix it atm and adding credits to the tutorials.


3ks for sharing!!


Modeling hands is always a difficult topic for newbies. There is a good tutorial here


Fundamentals of hard surface modelling - Video tutorial with Q&A


This project, which is a “follow-along” tutorial, shows my methods for recreating one of the most challenging aircraft I’ve done in 3D, Lockheed-Martin’s F/A-22 “Raptor”. I’m pleased with the results so far, and will be adding a huge amount of detail as time goes on.

With the exterior shape very close to final. I’ve made a large number of boolean cuts, which create many of the doors and vents that are visible on the exterior. (Images here were made just after the cuts… Later, the doors will be appropriately colored, textured, and animated.)

The article begins at with the latest updates at and i’m happy with the results so far.

Take care!

PS> There are various other aircraft examples on my archive site, related to the 3D design of Radio-controlled aircraft, on my RC-related site at


Mid poly tree


Hey, I work for Focal Press and we publish the Autodesk certified books on Max. We’ve got a free 15min video tutorial for beginners (and those needing a recap), showing how to create and map a cardboard box for gaming in Max. If you’re interested you can view it here



Lots of great tutorials. Thanks guys


jo, long time ago i did a tutorial about creating 3d fern in 3dsmax and photoshop.
now i translated it and put it on sheets. there are plenty o typos, sorry bout that

so perhaps any rookie can still use it…
see it here:


Could be great if you guys could post some current tutorials on modeling with may 2009 or 8.0 latest for total beginners.


:applause: thanks all its usefull sites


I’m wondering if you could help me out. I lost a very good tutorial about modeling / texturing a female head. It was not really a step by step tutorial but more a collection of techniques for creating a photorealistic female. It described how to create a realistic eye, skin shader, textures, …

It was in a PDF format, I think I got it from the forums (it may have been written by one of the members), but I can’t find it anymore and it’s hard to remember all the details.


This site has some really good video tutorials.



Can someone please post modeling tutorial for US army canteen in Maya?

Thanks in advance


#200 has free video tutorials for 3d studio max, photoshop and flash.