post some steps of a sketch, share shading techniques


ok, some asked for this, and i thought this might be a nice idea to start a thread on sketchingtechniques.

There’s so many ways to approach an image, some do outlines first then build up a piece form there, others go with grascales first and sculpt it out, others might have their ways how to best and fastest rough out an idea.

I think its very cool to post a sketch, and show 4 (or even more steps) how you built it up. So others might get an idea what they havent done for a long time or not done before.

would be very cool if some of you join this thread and post some steps of a sketch :slight_smile:


now here’s howo i buiilt up this little sketch, i just was inspired by Sylanya’s latest work and remembered having done something simular in aquarell a while back wich i gave away, and thought i reaproach the idea as a sketch. here’s 4 steps how i done it :slight_smile:

rough blocking, normal paint mode

shadow and light basecolors, soft and hard light paint mode

sharpen contours normal paint mode

final touches: set sharp highlights, colordoge up fx light and there’s the final sketch. all painted with a hard round brush on shrinking diameter :slight_smile:

hope you enjoyed or join sharing :slight_smile:


Wow, this is so neat, and really great of you to share with everyone. And that sketch was inspired by me? (which pic?) LOL, thanks for sharing this, this is a great idea. :thumbsup:


i’ll see what i can contribute to the thread when i get back to town,thanks alot sacha,for sharing this awsomeness:thumbsup:


Angel asked me to contribute some stuff so here it goes.

This is a step by step of the painting for the cover of my new book “Creature Sketches”

20+ images


building up the background


some more step by step


almost done…


last bunch of steps


a bunch of touch ups and color corrections and it’s done.

Here’s how the cover ended up. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


This is a great Idea. Thanks to both of you guys. :applause:


Awesome, bobby

excellent idea, angel :thumbsup:



gonna study this thread everyday :bounce:


thanks you very much bobby, this is absolutely great, i think many many ppl will be very happy about his thread :slight_smile: thank you very much for posting such detailed steps :slight_smile:


Great idea, and great stuff… Nice to see some people actually have a rationally explicable method. :slight_smile:

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see the whole thread here:


Nice thread bro :thumbsup:

I’ll try and put something up as well. Lets have fun with this, heehee



I’m seldom satisfied with my results, anyway, here’s my usual approach, maybe it helps someone.


Vise_soa thanks for posting this, written it in your guestbook, love the mood you have in your works, and as for the slideshow, great! thanks a lot :slight_smile:


my lil contribution: