Post random photos amongst a free-for-all bonanza of stylish commentary about life.


hey what about posting picts of our faces and place we work (home or work) so we can know each other better?
We`ll finally know what urgaffel looks like in reel life, his avatar always got me chills :smiley:

ill post mine tonight :wink:


a CGS version of the “don’t be shy” threads would be cool, especially since a lot of the old stuff is red x’s and I’m sure a few of us look a little different since then. The workstation/desk one running in General right now is pretty up to date though…but, why not?


Good idea for sure. And even if we’ve posted stuff like that before, there’s time for a new headshot now and then. Having a face with the story helps. I should think it opens up everyone’s mind just that bit more :slight_smile:


This is the only good picture I have of myself at the moment…ignore the other guys in the photo. :smiley:


me…with big hair… :smiley:
oh man I look cross eyed, and the res :eek:

my wrkstn

atworks.jpg (67.0 KB)


You can upload your pic to your profile.

Now our workstations are on the ground though for more space on the desks.

(my wife and I)

I’m the pretty one.




Me, my girlfriend and my sweet CGN Buttrock T-Shirt weeeeeeee!!!
oh, the thread is now sticky :wink:

and my workplace at home


c’est moi…

and where i live. all from my website (since taken I have a newer 2nd monitor and a very shiny new Cowon iaudio M3 20gb DAP player on my desk…luvily ) :slight_smile:

Addendum - the photo of me above is about 4 years old. Here’s a more recent one taken when I was in Finland last year visiting friends and doing what I do best - drinking beer and leaning against inanimate objects. :slight_smile:

Your’s truly on the left. In the centre is Esa and on the right Leena.



Pnoland - Are you sure you’re not also moonlighting as a member of a boy band? Is there something you’re not telling us??? :wink:

just teasing :slight_smile:



This is me:

Yes! Getting bald! Thank you!



well ok, actually c’est moi…

and here is la maîtresse du maison… that literally meows all the day - I tell ya!


We tried that but we’re usually too drunk to remember the dance moves so we stuck with hard rock. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: Shameless promotion is a wonderfull thang.


Yep, not remembering moves has led to the rapid and spectacular demise of many a boy band. That, and the fact that the music tends to be paint-by-the-numbers trash and the listeners are by anbd large 14 year old girls with the attention span of a stick insect…

I didn’t see your sig - you’re actually are in a group that puts out real music? I’ll check it out…



<<<<<<<< more :twisted: than :slight_smile: in that pic though. might try to find a less evil shot soon…


C’est moi!!! I see your big hair and raise you big hair with mohawk.:slight_smile:


Here’s me, lacking sleep in preparation for vegas.
Perhaps posing for a book dust jacket. Who knows.

I’ll be the last guy still needing the XL ‘loose fit’ CGTalk shirts…sigh. :slight_smile:


Had to dig out a oldie, perhaps a year old.


this is the only pic i can find, kinda a weird angle.

this is me pretending to be working, or something.


You guys should all already have seen enough pictures of me on CGNetworks and EXPOSE…

Here’s me with Leigh at 3D Festival 2004

Here I am with Ryan Church - the EXPOSE’ 2 Grand Master

With Philip Straub, who is on the CGS Advisory Board