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Well, im just wating for a response from Michael…:shrug:


Jonah, thanks


OK,I emailed Michael Welter the original html manual for UVDeformer, so if he decides to post a link to it then its up to him. Cheers!


Thanks for taking the time :slight_smile:


I updated my webpage now with a description of uv deformer and a few of example scenes.

About the old manual … Your support is appreciated, but … well i didn’t take the time yet to look over it and i don’t want to make it public now since some things have probably changed and maybe i could also improve it.

Btw the current uv deformer has some minor bugs (object orientation and failures when using generator/deformed objects). At least in the R11 version. Fixes are on my todo list.

@Ilay: Interesting. What is it with the different appearance of the upper/lower hemispheres?

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Hey there,
for all of you doing stereoscopy I’ve developed a rig with nice automatisms.

So enjoy.

Here is the feature List:

off axis setup[/ul]
[ul]optional parallel or toed-in setup[/ul]
[ul]image width & FOV calculator for parallel setup[/ul]
[ul]automatic near- & farplane calculation[/ul]
[ul]automatic camera distance calculation[/ul]
[ul]anaglyph preview in black and white, full color & optimized anaglyph (still stretched, when frame to small - grrrr)

Please post comments on vimeo or my site, so I will answer more quickly :slight_smile:

P.S.: Actually it’s not a real plug-in. Only a scene file. So feel free to move it in the right category, if needed.



a new plugin is born.:slight_smile: especially for all who want to bake thinking particel setups and don’t own the MOCCA module.

SmartPRS is a Tag that records position, rotation and scaling of an object to key frames.

This is most useful when working with Xpresso/TP simulations, because they can now be exported to other software packages or be edited manually.

Features and usage are shown in the demonstration video:

The plug-in is available for all C4D versions R10+ and costs saucy 5,- euros.

Best fishes



Hello out there, :slight_smile:

here is the link to our latest free C4D plugin.
As the topic shows- its a little monitoring tool for
Ram and CPU usage.

Here is the link ->


The Flip


Looks good if ya can’t open OS monitoring in same screen place! :thumbsup:
Any OSX version in mind or…? :frowning:


I’m new to CG society, but wanted to post a plugin I’ve had available since last July before it becomes obsolete. To import scientifically accurate DNA, RNA, protein, sugar, lipids, etc., download PDB2Surface from:

PDB to Surface:
allows a user to quickly import a Protein DataBank file as a metaballed point cloud to simulate a molecular surface using C4D’s native tools.
My friend and I have a new plugin coming out soon that has many more options, but this one is still useful because most medical illustrators and scientific illustrators just want to create a surface model. This plugin does it fast- very fast. It can read and import a dozen large PDB files including GroEL and ribosomes in less than 1/100th of a second (it takes the viewport several seconds to update the metaball, but the data gets brought in fast.)
You can import scientifically accurate DNA e.g.,
or a typical protein, e.g.,
The website has a tutorial page with instructions for installation and use. More soon.


The Flip, thanks!

Graham, thanks for tool!
I tried to load 1CRN.pdb (as pdb-text file, “protein link”), but got in console
c4d 11.5 (windows)


Hi The Flip,
Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t tried the final version on windows. I’ll install the c4d demo and see if I can figure it out. In the mean time, I wanted to make sure you’re using the “correct” pdb file. Here is an image of where I typically download my PDBs from the site.



Hi The Flip,
Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t tried the final version on windows. I’ll install the c4d demo and see if I can figure it out. In the mean time, I wanted to make sure you’re using the “correct” pdb file. Here is an image of where I typically download my PDBs from the site.



does it have to be metaball? is there a better/quicker/lighter way for this…maybe Remo has method which could help…volumetric or something…


Greetings Flingster,
• The point of this particular style of mesh is quite specifically to use metaballs. It gives the user control and flexibility to mimic a variety of scientifically relevant surface types and more importantly, to animate between them. Medical Illustrators in my world have been using this technique preferentially for years which is why I opted to base the plugin around that particular setup. Once you have something you like, you just opt for current state to object to crush it down to polygons according to the render subdivision setting, then turn off the original metaball object. I have versions that create CPK (sphere) models, as well as ball and stick, etc, but something much more comprehensive will take over soon:
• A major plugin we’ll be releasing in a few weeks will be able to do this and several thousand other operations, including instant polygon objects.
• As a sidenote, however, I would love to hear about volumetric technologies. I’ll try to do a search for Remo as you suggest to see what’s up.
Thanks for the feedback,


ok sounds good…also like the sound of future developments…keep us updated
btw…remo is short for remotion
a plugin developer :shrug:


I’ve posted a repaired version of PDB to Surface plugin. While under the hood, I made a couple minor enhancements- the redraw updates automatically, I’ve set defaults for small molecules to have finer meshes, and I’ve centered the metaball about the point cloud for easy manipulation:

That was embarrassing, but I’m not a bona fide coder. The version I had posted did not work with 11.5 on Windows or Mac- I had my working developer version running when I made the switch and had previously modified some of my general functions, so I never noticed the problem.
Sorry about the public mixup.
Thanks to Flip for pointing this out,


Graham, thanks for update!
It works.

hmm, and The Flip(Philipp) is


heheheh…what was that you imported a meatball :arteest: :love:


flingster, it was organic view of structure…
i saw that will be several plugins for structural preview at Graham’s site, like SWCNT