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Sort-Import for imported files including polygonobject hierarchies.

I hope you will like it

best wishes
motion gimmick - MediaArt

Mac and PC


Klass! Thanks.
By the way, i found command Sort-Import in command-manager (cinema4d 11-11.5)…or it happens with me(i always found commands in plugins-menu) :wink: *

Also Sort-import works once, then it will MatNone…

* - sorry for that, i delete prefs, so plugin load normally


Thank you very much, nice plugin!
One problem: when using primitive objects, it will delete all primitive objects.


NaviCam is out:

I hope you like it!
greetings, Holger


Hi Holger,

Congrats with the release. I’ve announced it on our site as well.


Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


SpeedMud Draw in Cinema4D with Cad Style tools



SteadyCHAN is now updated to Export and Import chan files
used by i.e. Nuke and Terragen2 Animation.

SteadyCHANEXPORT is typically a one button function.
SteadyCHANIMPORT may need a few extra steps for Camera
animation import.

Please read the included SteadyCHAN_READ_ME.txt
for detailed information.

SteadyCHAN is tested in R10.5 to R11.5.
It may work in R10 but will not install in earlier versions.

The price is Euro1700 / USD2300.
But there is a 100% discount for the time being :slight_smile:

Download at: tcastudios -> xfiles

Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios


That is awesome Lennart! I will certainly test this out with NUKE. I’ve always been curious about Terragen 2 as well but never tried it since their wasn’t a connection to C4D.

You have my USD2300 ;).



That is cool Lennart. Thanks…

I’ve announced it on our site as well. Lets hope you sell a lot of them for that small fee of €1700…


Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Oh, so .chan is a Terragen extension? And with this plug I can import landscapes, does that include materials too?

I think I´m gonna have me some fun and download the tg demo!

Thanks :slight_smile:


@Ekenryd, you need the Terragen2 -Animation- edition
for using chan files. AFAIK, there is no demo of the Animation version atm

The chan format is a simple generic file with
Time, Position, Rotation and vertical FOV info.

There’s no geometry nor material info involved.
The core idea is to be able to transfer Camera animation
between different apps in a simple way.

There are chan export/import scripts for most apps out there
like Modo, XSI, Maya etc.

@Josh, thanks! And just so you know, there is no refund! :slight_smile:

@René, Thanks.



Hi there.
SteadyCHAN is updated with scale option for export and import.

Update at: -> xfiles

Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios


updated my collection with a starfield shader
enjoy :slight_smile:

p.s. i will prepare some example files for uvdeformer soon.


Hey looks cool Welter. :slight_smile:
I’ve announced this on my site as well.

Rich_Art. :thumbsup:


Some of the finest plugins around and they are free :beer:


Well thank you. Remember that you can donate something :wink:


Thanks Welter. I love it when these free and small “goodies”-plugins show up :slight_smile:

Btw Walter, what does the UVdeformer-plugin do? It was packed with your plugins-zip, but I found no description of it.


Mr. Welter,
Browsing through an old HD I found the original html manual for UVDeformer…Alot of ppl might appreciate it…any thoughts? :slight_smile:


Michael thank you!
sample, lonely dark planet with same matter…

Eric, if yo can from Michael’s permission…


Here’s an example file I made using MW’s UVDeformer. I’m not sure I understand it completely, but it appears you can wrap object onto other objects UV’s. You’ll see if you move things around in this file that they can slide along surfaces.