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yes the cellular shader is truly awesome, I love it a lot, and point collapse replaces the need for weld tools, quicker faster and more control in a single rather than two additional as well as the original weld.

There is a new shader plugin called shadow catcher, for more info check out Matt’s post on


Rui Batista’s Cinema Plugins:

3d pack - contains:
PSR Clipboard

Speedup your editor display! Dynamically adjustable level of detail
in your editor

Find & Replace:
Easily manage big projects! Perform searches, replacements, deletions, groupings, renamings of objects and materials


Translucent the closest you’ll ever get to SSS without SSS, but its way faster so you’ll probably keep using it after sss is available.


This plug-in generates in few clics wonderful histograms, pie charts and others curves or surfaces which need a lot of time to create with other applications.
C4D versions 6,7 and 8.
Languages: french, english, spanish and german.
more infos, demos and tutorials at :bounce:


Wow, those are the best plugins ever, thanks. This is also my first post here.


powerAxis1.0 now available.

This plugin provides full control over the modelling axes in Cinema4D R8, providing a significant increase in the modeller functionality.

This allows you to rotate and scale arbitrary vertex/edge/poly selections around arbitrary locations, rather than the fixed location (centre of bounding box of current selection) that C4D normally gives you.

E.g. Rotate a polygon selection around one of its own edges, or if you want something more complex, how about scaling an edge selection about a vertex, whilst been constrained to being parallel to an edge from a different object…

It also provides tools for positioning entire objects such that a specific feature is placed where you want it - e.g. placing one object on another so that they have co-planar faces, etc.

Cost is $30, and a demo is available.

Works for Macs and PC, available for Cinema4D R8 only.

powerAxis1.0 main page


Here’s my debut plugin for Cinema 4D: Ambient Occlusion


Here is
SurfaceManager . Its a simple plugin to easily add materials onto selections.

Source is also available, hopefully other developers with more time than I can add more features but I no longer will work on it due to my time restrictions.


Two plugs most of us had in our v6 toolbox are back for everyones use.

Quickpipe and Bolt Classic for V8.

No real changes from the old versions, just fixed to work with v8. Sample scenes and Manuals (english) included.

Go Here




Instantly lofts a spline across a straight line.

Why might this be useful?
If you like me, I tend to create a spline, create some duplicates in a line, then manually add each spline to a loft object one by one in the correct order. Then I like to shape the splines to get my desired shape.
QikiLoft speeds this process up

Versions for Windows and Mac are available at


Clones one object onto the points or polygons of another object even with animation.

Why might this be useful
Not sure, I would imagine abstract makers would find it useful. Also useful to create a flexible GI scene as outline in my tutorial at my site

Where to get it
or see the release thread for it at

Works for
C4D 8.2 for Windows
C4D 8.2 for Mac

Free for all


Since this page is updated with new scripts, for MeshSurgery, periodically, I thought it should be listed here in Plugin Resources:


(Reposted from main forum)

Hi polygon fans,

I’ve written a free plugin ‘geomCheck’ whose purpose in life is to find bad geometry in your meshes.
This should help track down the causes of some of those rendering artefacts and subdivision oddities that tend to creep in and can be hard to track down.

It should work on Mac and PC, for C4D 6.3 and above.

Select a polygon object, use the plugin and it will list the details of any bad geometry that it finds in the console window.
At the same time, it selects all of the polygons that have problems, and also selects all vertices that are associated with open edges/mesh cracks so you can see where the problems are.

(Note: It would be better if it selected edges, but it’s written in Coffee, and coffee can’t make edge selections, so you have to manually convert from vertex to edge, or just look at the verts).

The download includes PDF documentation which describes the six different types of problem that it can find, and how to fix them. An example file which demonstrates each of these problems is also provided.

The plugin is free, but if you find it useful may I suggest that you might like to buy spinPoly, which can help you easily fix most of the problems that geomCheck finds. And it won’t upset your UVW maps either. And it’s cheap…

Anyway, go get geomCheck from my website

Cheers - Steve


Tweak 4D
Fine tune your meshes with a simple to use plugin.

Why might this be useful
It boosts modeling workflow. See the video to see why it is useful

Where to get it
Release thread at

Works for
Cinema 4D Release 8.2 for Windows
Cinema 4D Release 8.2 for Mac

£10 GBP
Currency Converter


Ambient Occlusion shader:

Color shader:

Global Rotation expression plugin:

These plugins are mainly for C4D R6-7. A R8.5 version of the
AO shader is on the way.



Hi !

DPI2PIX (DPI to PIXels) is a conversion tool plug-in for Cinema 4D.

Dpi2Pix 2.0 is available at:

New added functionnalities:

  • Some classical presets for print
  • you can create your own preset
  • Proportion lock (keep aspect ratio)

Dpi2Pix 1.0 users receive the 2.0 update automatically (free).

enjoy ! :bounce:


NMF exporter (Normal Map File) for saving files for ATi’s normalmapper

Ambiente2 - ambient occlusion plugin for C4D 8.5

All my plugins are under



I’ve written some new plugins
They are avaiable here:
[li]yet another Smoothing Plugin[/li][li]a Noise Deformer for Splines[/li][li]a Spline “Connector” Generator[/li][li]and Deformer like plugin that lets you place objects on the surface of other objects. It uses a UV-Map to map objects from an planar unfolded version of a object to the corresponding regions on the object surface.[/li][/ul]best regards



CD IK Tools 1.0

CD IK Tools 1.0 is a plugin suite of command tools and expressions for character rigging and animation. It works with or without the Mocca module. Those who don’t have the Mocca module and need to rig and animate a character will find this plugin indispensable. The specialized expressions in CD IK Tools will allow you to easily set up a stable, predictable character rig in no time.

It works with Cinema 4D 8.5 or higher (Mac/Windows)

Cactus Dan



Free Wavefront .obj Import/Export filter plugin with tons of options. PC-only, comes in 7.3 and 8.5 versions (8.0/8.1/8.2 users need to use the 7.3 version).

Available at Spanki’s Prop Shop.

  • Keith
    Red-i Productions