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we have just launched a new hdri website called
i have attached a few pretty cool shots, with matching hdri’s
we are also giving away a free hdri for every one who registers plus if you choose to subscribe you will get a free hdri each month plus 30% on everything bought through

We would like to offer all readers from this forum a special introductory 50% discount to our annual subscription.

This will give you 12 free HDRI’s - One issued each month in your download box.
Plus a free mini gp model
Plus you will be eligible for an additional 30% discount to all your future purchase
And access to our subscriber area of the forum. Were will be posting tutorials and more free bits

This usually costs £141 (GBP) per year but if you use the following promocode it will give you a 50% discount on your membership, that’s all of the above for only £70.50 (GBP) (this promo code will expire on the 31st October 2007)



Thanks for your interest

Mark Stubbs


Commercial and Free hdri’s ( link collection 01/2008)



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FreeV2checked2011: (1 free hdri after resgistering) sibl hdris sibl loader plugin backplates -offline -offline updated newly added free hdri after registerin


Man this thread still kicks ass!

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New HDRI release:

A new one just for you!

Resolution of HDRI 002 is 1939 x 1199 pixels.

To gather this one, click to or look under the menu item “Excursions” and then click “Images”.



I converted these free shared HDRI maps ready for Cinema 4D and AR render settings.



We offer a wide range of spherical HDRIs (some are for free) on

Maybe that’s something for you!


I announce my first HDRI pack for Cinema 4D R12.

 The files are very large grayscale HDR -files which can be used to build a studio
 reflections and lighting for fast rendering. Image files are in 6K 
 resolution and have good amount of flexible resolution
 for blurring, exposure etc.
 These are very useful HDRI files which can be used in reflections

and global illumination studio environments.
You can use these also only for reflection without
global illumination activated.

 There´s a cinema 4d file for R12 which is
 a studio scene. This scene comes with ready floor and
 light setup and 10 cinema 4d materials with HDR files.
 You can download first hdr for free in 1/2 resolution
 of 3000px.

 Read more here:


just checked and updated my commercial and free link list

watch the the post above


Thanks dude you´re the best :thumbsup:



Kraphik 3D is announcing HDRI Reflection Studio pack one now also for release 10.

Read more here:


Collection of very highres (up to 10.000x5000 pixel) 360° fullspherical HDRI sky panoramas which can be used as skydomes for lighting. Most HDRs come also with several highres backplate images for background compositings.

All HDR Images are very affordable compared to other platforms and have a high quality and can be used comercially.°-spherical-hdri-panoramas


here is a link to Kirt Witte’s site (professor at SCAD). Lots of info on HDR images here.



I created a collection of fullspherical sky panormas which I share over 3Docean (they are not free but very affordable).

Feel free to visit and give a feedback. Thanks.°-spherical-hdri-panoramas


some new hdri frmo jeff patton


Funny to see that one of my skies found its way into the listing :smiley:

  Have more free available in my portfolio at The3DStudio:
 If you download one there it would be nice if you could give it a rating.
 Have fun with them.
 In the newest items you can also see images created with the specific hdri.



lot of great HDRI :


Everyone, who has a more regular need for fresh high quality skies,
be invited to follow my facebook page, where I regularily will update infos about HDR panoramas of different sky situations.

You can also earn free HDR panorama skies of you choice, when you post works in which you use some of my HDRs or Backplates.


All my skies are also available on 3DOcean:



Don’t miss our new free set!