Post here your HDRI's


Since HDRI is becoming more and more popular I felt something was missing…a free HDRI thread. Just like the texture thread and the tutorials thread.

Please post anything that has to do with HDRI here.

Here are some links to free lightprobe galleries:

9 complete HDR’s with different mappings:

63 Sky HDR’s, good if you want to use groundplanes in your image or just a sky:

And here is a very good Probe gallery that also has the source files so you can compare your own method with theirs:

Here are some very good HDRI’s that are not free but very good:

Here are some links I found very usefull for creating HDRI images:

How to get rid of the photographer:

Tweaking your HDR’s:

Paul Debevec’s free HDRShop:

Here is a tutorial on how to import your image sequence and some tips and tricks are mentioned here that aren’t on the HDR shop site. sigh…if I only knew this site BEFORE I went to try hdr out…

Here is a tutorials on how to use hdr’s in Cinema 4d (this was written before the 8.1 upgrade but still is of great help):

This tutorial perfectly explains you how to composite with HDRI (just like BLochi’s HDRI challenge)

And here is a tutorial about how to create panorama’s from a mirrored ball (still the preffered method)

I also made my own HDRI this afternoon with my christmass ball, HDR Shop and photo’s taken at multiple exposures. It took a couple of hours of tweaking before I got this result. You can download the scene file here (bumpercar included :stuck_out_tongue: ) :


edit: just reuploaded a newer version of my backyard hdri. Now has a seamless 360 panorama and a good HDR file. Have fun!


there’s a few here:


Sachform HDRI-Base
not free but :thumbsup: :buttrock:
360°/360° full spherical panorama
HDR and OpenEXR


If there is anyone who made a HDR or HDRI scene, let me know and I could host it for you on my site. I also have some more free hdri scenes up here including a complete scene of my HDRI wet ball image:

Download here:


Some good free HDRI’s here

they died. will find some more. brb



here are some homecoocked hdr files

get them here


Hi all,

I decided to give something back to the community that helped me so much,
I put all my favourite lightingenvironments in here.
(2.54mb. Cinema 4d 8.5 needed, if you like to use it commercially please mail me.)

The Radiosity showroom has my supra paint shader in it and the backyard has a procedural skinshader :).

Have fun!


Truly a beginner, but I put together this review at the ArchiCAD-TALK web site. ArchiCAD-TALK is a web site supported by GraphiSoft the makers of ArchiCAD - Architectural Software.



not especially HDRI-s, but a whole lot of nice parnoramas for use for scene reflections etc


Simply, whats a HDR or HDRI???


gr8fxtznr: HDRI = high dynamic range image. i must admint i’m not totally aware of the technical side of this thing but the way i see it is something like the comparison between film photography and digital photography - figuratively HDRI and JPEG respectively. Or you can also compare digital RAW or digital JPEG. that’s almost what HDRI is about - a larger dynamic range. It contains more information about existing light and the amount of it. so with an HDRI you can lighten the whole image and still not burning out the highlights. That’s what you can achieve in film photography or with digital raw. the HDRI image doesn’t have what a reglar JPEG has (simple RGB values), what it has is the tone of each pixel and a floating point number that indicates it’s brightness. And with that control over the brightness you can achieve much more realistic renders using HDRI spherical maps as your default light source.

so anybody who finds something off in my post, feel free to correct me. it is just how i see the whole HDRI phenomena:)


mihkeltt is pretty right about hdri meaning.
If you want to dig a little more inside exact descriptive of what is and how to use hdri here’s an interesting link with fully comprehensive examples.

click me

as well as Paul Debevec’s light probe gallery

ligth probe gallery


So, how do you take HDRI images?
i’m assuming it takes a pretty expensive camera.
I have a digital camera, it’s not HIGH end, but it’s definitely not just some plain ol’ camera.
a little explanation though


a standard camera will do fine, though the higher resolution the better the hdr will be.
Then you need a chrome like sphere such as this one (diameter is approx. 12 cm):

i ordered this one from my father’s factory. It is full aluminium chemically hard chromed, and we did a fillet at the base to be able to screw it on a standard photo tripod

Now you can shoot it on location. Put the sphere where your 3D object is supposed to be, like this you’ll get the exact environment that will surround you object. Keep in mind to get the horizon really centered on the sphere (such as your 3D object would “see” it).

Then, if your 3D package doesn’t provide an hdr processing tool (such as cinema4D advanced render module), you will need hdr shop software (only PC).
This link will explain exactly how many images (according to your camera abilities) you will need for your hdr to be perfect as well as how to use HDR SHOP software:

link to HDR shop tutorial

Once you got your unwrapped HDR image, in your 3D package, put it on the luminance channel of a texture, put that texture on a sphere surrounding your scene (or a sky object if your 3D package provides it), set radiosity on, render your scene, and voila.

Hope this short explanation will be of some help.


hmm, interesting. That wasn’t exactly the type of response I was expecting. but THANK you!
your link is broken though, could you post an updated one perhaps?
thanks again!!


Sorry about that link… once clicked, at the top of the site there is a section called tutorials…


the link doesn’t work at all for me, I get a error message
“the operation timed out when attempting to contact”

could just be me though


Try this


there’s a working one!
i’ll be checking this out.