Post here your colour schemes


My new R10 scheme. More discreet and glamour.



Hey Alexander Ciao
do you use any “Talisman Desktop



Last but not least …

New splash screen

New icon



Looks nice, best I’ve seen so far (:


Nice look, would you mind sharing your layout?


Any news on the layout?


the layout seems to be very basic…only the materials are left the objectlis…so u can do it very easy urself,good luck :thumbsup:


Considering this is the resources subforum if you post your schemes please share them.


So, I got a colour theme/scheme of my own too. A Windows Classic theme adapted for R10 :).

Download the windows classic colour scheme for R10

P.S. I originally posted it on my site, but I thought my site is not visited that much :).


Is eh new Theme.


That colour scheme is too straining for the eyes.


I know it’s been years, but did that un_titled theme by ‘formfollowsforce’ ever get shared, or has anyone made a similar one? I simply just love it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, i believe he started a new thread for it. Can’t remember where right now.



Oo. You’re right, he did, guess I missed it. Heh.
Heres the link to the thread, in case anyone else wonders:

thx soccerrprp.



I’d like to second this. Or at least, where can we find some reference material that would give us something to go on? Something a little better than trial and error…


thanks for sharing, love it!


Always annoyed when working at night and you opened the help in C4D and got your eyes blown out by the white background? Not only that, but you also have to try to read that darn small text? Well, those times are over now! :wink:

Those help files are just written in html, and its colors are controlled within a .css-file. So, we only have to replace that with our own. This file is located under MAXON\CINEMA 4D R11\help\files named wickie.css. I’m certain you don’t want to go through all the hassle and start editing that file yourself, since it reeeeally can drag on to get everything right. So you can just use mine! Here are some preview screenshots:

Looks suitable for you? Just download and put that in the directory I wrote above. I don’t know if that’s also working for the MAC-people, sorry. Also you need the font Calibri installed on your system (comes with Vista), or you need to replace it with one of your own in that wickie.css file.

If you find some text in the help file that doesn’t match with the rest, or some other suggestions, just leave me a note here, and I’ll fix it.


my layout.

2 monitor , all windows , all icons
rez 1600x1200


e cia’. (^__^)


Have someone the classic C4D scheme for me ? ^^;