Post custom brushes here!


Thanks your welcome. The splatty watercolour brushes are fun :slight_smile:


I have to say Rob’s brushes are cool. I just downloaded and tried them out.

I can blend so much faster in Painter than I can in Photoshop. I might just make the transition and do most of the painting in Painter from now on. I like my custome pencil brush is photoshop much better though. It almost works as well as a real pencil.

There are certain things that I know I can only do in photoshop. Dang it, now I will have to switch between both programs. And nothing works better for inking than illustrator.


Glad you like 'em.

Got a link to your custom Photoshop pencil brush?

When I ink, I choose Painter over Photoshop (no contest), but I’ve never use Illustrator so how does that compare to Painter for inking–especially clean and expressive line quality?


IMO, Illustrator is awesome. I made a video showing my settings and did a few strokes.

For some reason the brushes I save as a file named mybrushes.arb doesn’t show up in my brushes folder, but that is where I saved it. When I open photoshop the file is there for me to load, but the file is not in my brushes folder when I check the folder so I could zip it and put it online.


Until I figure out how to find the abr file so I can share it with others, I made a video showing how to create my real pencil brush.


I have worked with this brushes and I find she first class

all regards


I’ve just uploaded my latest custom library called Inkspiration. The idea behind them is to generate random shapes for fantasy and concept art inspiration.

Link to download page.