Post Armageddon/Expose II


Well, here is my first real attempt at a digital paint. I entered it into Expose II with no expectations. It was a great learning experience and I wish I would have had more time to add the color and the details that I wanted, but overall Im very happy with the concept and will probably continue to work on it and see how I can improve it. I actually intended to show more of her body, but again with the time being such an issue I had to stay with her upper body only. I know one thing I dislike for sure…the way her left arm is cut off the picture, thats actually an easy fix though. Let me know what you think and if theres anything that I can do to make this better. Thanks in advance. :beer:

Ok here is a higher res, but its still not as high res as I painted it, but this is sufficient for viewing anyways. It was painted in Photoshop and no photos were used or any 3d …someone around the office asked me,so I thought I would alteast mention it in case anyone was wondering. Its basically someone who has survived armageddon and who now lives in a nuclear fallout environment. If you have ever played the game Fallout then you might have a better idea to what Im trying to depict here. Please crit it to death as I stated before this is my first serious attempt and really want to improve my skills. Anyways, let me know what you think. Thanks.


thats some killer work, love the metal plating


agree with the arm but love the texturework, colours and the dynamic in the picture!


Rasta mo’n :bounce:
looking kewl as far as i can see.
you should try to get up a larger version of this.


Thanks for the comments guys :scream:
Im gonna try and get a higher res version up tonight with the arm angled down instead of the way it currently is just cuz it bothers me for some reason.


Front page material… once it is finished of course!
Go with a dark alien backgound- right now she blends in too much with the background–
maybe she is in an army of characters? Looks awesome. Love the metal work.


Updated first post.


No crits? Comments? Anything? 8)


update is better. Until you are ready to paint bg- a solid, darker color in place of the bg would help just to see the character apart from the bg better. Lighting is looking real nice- keep it up!


wow…thats great…love the dreads…

how long has this piece taken…


incredible metal texture. you should do a tutorial on metal textures.

I assume that you’re still working on the cloth, it looks really soft compared with everything else.

It seems like the metal that wraps around her back should stick out, so the line of her back should be a bit further in so that they don’t share the same outline.


eric3dee: Thanks! Ya I agree the background should be darker. Thanks for the advice.

juju: Hey thanks! Ya dreads in general are just cool :slight_smile: Im not sure how many hours, but I started working on it like 3-5 days before the Expose deadline…I should slap myself for not starting sooner.

the sparky: Thanks! Thats a good observation about her back…I will definitely see what I can do to make it look right. Hmmm I just might make a tut…

Im gonna try and post another update soon. This one will be a wider view showing off her guns :wink:


Here is a little update. There is still alot that is unfinished, but I thought that I would atleast post some progress. Crits and comments are more than welcome. Thanks.


This is getting cooler and cooler-- I like where you are going with the buildings in the backgrounds-- I love the blues and oranges on the metal. Would love to see more of an army of girls like her in the background and maybe some cool spaceships and/or monsters way in the distance to give it sort of a Final Fantasy look-- Keep it up!


Thats just a damn sexy painting! Really cool, I love the looks on it!


I must admit, i got almost no idea of digital painting (only can say that the pic is almost perfectly drawn) , but i am the greatest Fallout fan, I play fallout since the very first version of the game came out, and THIS is the best fallout pic I EVER seen!!! RESPECT! Im sure, if you ll send it to Interplay, it will be the CD-cover pic for Fallout 3! :wink: All the fallout-fans I shown it to found it amazing! The matall armour is not the authentic one from Fallout, thats why its veeeery nice, because its a new variation of the “traditional” image of the Fallout metall armour. Well, I dont know whether you want to create more reference to the Fallout world, but if you do, a “Brotherhood Of Steel” sign (who played the game knows) at her right shoulder armour plate, and some kinda special fallout gun (like gauss pistol e.g.) would be nice ;).


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