Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


I did actually use a casiopeia pocket pc back in 2002 with a trial of photogenics installed which featured layers and a bunch of drawing tools. I just googled it and the software seems to have improved by leaps and bounds by then.

Anyway, it was great fun indeed to paint with it, because the tip of the pen really touched the spots where the paint was applied, but back then there was only two levels of pressure (1 and 0ā€¦:smiley: ), so you can work with 512 okay.

Itā€™s just that I think there are tablet pcs who feature more levelsā€¦probably at a lower priceā€¦:smiley:


Just got a 10 megapixel camera - what better way to put it to good use than submit some pics of my workstation, and, err, textures. Anyways hereā€™s my simple & humble setup.

you saw:
screen- LG 1940P (19 inch)
grapics tablet- AIPTEK
to the left of screen- my adsl modem, to the right- the LAN switch

Server sized computer: cure 2 duo, 2 gigs ram, 250GB HDD, nvidia 8600GTS 256MB, skystar 2 satellite modem

Smaller computer: pentium 4 3.06GHz, 1 gig ram, nvidia 6600 256MB

in between computers: a UPS, plus a KVM - it allows up to 4 computers to function with a single screen&keyboard&mouse

thing on top of pc#1- a controller for my satellite dishes motor so I can rotate it torwards different satellites and enjoy all the tv channels on my pc

also thereā€™s a 5.1 surround sound system

and hereā€™s me:

and all of them wires:

and of course my awesome armchair

coming soon: my canon MP510 multifunctional device (printer+scanner), currently undergoing maintenance

EDIT: and here it is! My Canon PIXMA mp-510 complete with an uninterrupted ink supply system.


Hi threre folks, im new to the foruns in cgsociety, gimme a hand ^^

Hereā€™s a half picture of mine; gonna submit my space later.






i am looking to buy a new monitor for 3D animationā€¦

right now i have a 17" SAMSUNGā€¦

any suggestionsā€¦im confused whether to go for a widescreen or the normal one(square)ā€¦and also for animation is 17" enuff or should i go for a higher one may be 19" or aboveā€¦

also, i have seen many workstations having 2 monitorsā€¦whats the purpose of having 2 monitorsā€¦does it help in our animation related workā€¦more info on the same will b highly welcomedā€¦thnx in advanceā€¦



Your posting in the wrong thread dude, but just cuz its christmas Im gonne answer nevertheless that I have the syncmaster 205bw (samsung) its a 22in wide and Im real happy with it, theire Dead cheap like less than 300 euro, you could get a newer model now. considering what u pay for samsung compared to the price they have on thoes apple vision screens its a real treat.
I do have a minor issue with it on my mac setup, it goes black for a sec the first ten min of use sometimes and then it never does it again, but I guess the newer models dont have this hangup, even if they do its still worth it cuz it only does this once. (samsung is aware of this and dont give a shit witch is bad though) still I reccomend it.


Well, I am really bored, so I figured Iā€™d throw up my workstation. Iā€™ve kinda noticed that mine is much cleaner and neat than about 90% of you guys/gals out there haha.

Left to Right

  • Stereo system used as computer speakers (something from the 80s, but it works). Also of note, a 1990s professional turntable I got for super cheap at a yard sale.
  • Vonage IP Phone, great for calling pretty much anywhere
  • 24" Acer LCD drools
  • MS wireless keybaord / Logitech MX1000 wireless mouse (not shown, Wacom tablet)
  • Computer ( AMD 4800+ X2, 2 Gig RAM, Geforce 7800, other stuff)
  • Wooden Rocking Chair I stole from my roommate, wellā€¦ borrowed without permission
  • My teddy bear Iā€™ve had since as long as I can remember

Left to Right

  • Bed, for sleepingā€¦ not that I do much of that thanks to school
  • Art on the wall, simple, but nice touch
  • Dog : named Buddy, heā€™s a Black Belguim Shepherd, only 10 months old in the picture
  • Crappy Guitar on the wall (my good one is in the case!)
  • Shelf : canā€™t see, but itā€™s full of art/3d/etc. books
  • Traynor 80W Tube Amp
  • Hidden in the closet : Render Server ( Compaq DL145 1U Rack Server with 2x dual core 2.2Ghz and 4Gb RAMā€¦ noisy as all hell and a power hog, but great when I need a render done quick as I can).

No picture of me right now, Iā€™m far too lazy to set up the tripod and take one. Perhaps Iā€™ll model myself and post thatā€¦ I think it would be easier, yes?


well here are some pics of me and my workspace.srry for mess:)


I can see a Japanese Grammar Book! Iā€™m studying it too! :smiley:

I like your workstation! :thumbsup:


at job, during our Doors Open Daysā€¦ waiting to start the first demo on a laptop Alienware :scream:


What a wonderful shirt Lemog, I love this color!


i love this kind of thrads.
hereā€™s my most recent workspace



Armari - 3ghz thing - 2gig ram updating to 8-Core Mac pro soon.
2 30" dell monitors
3d Connexion Space pilot
Shuttle Pro
Creative 6.1 speakers
MS Natural Keyboard 4000
Logitech MX Revolution
Epson R300 Printer
Sennheiser HDR130 Wireless headphones
Ipod Touch
3 Mybooks External HDā€™s
1 Icy box external HD - this was a recovery disc when I fried my interanalsā€¦cost Ā£1400!!! Back up your stuff boys and girls!
Herman Miller Areon Chair - best thing I ever bought!


heyaa all
i saw this thread many times but ventured in.but today i rediscovered because of some collegue and i couldnt believe what i was missing(wackass me :stuck_out_tongue: ) i got some real jolts from getting to see some people like RK,zhuzhu,intervain(i thot she was he),icey .
its as RK said before we actually make a picture of the person fron their avatarā€¦
lemong u got an alienware laptop :drool::drool::drool:!!??!?!?
strangethings thats some superheavy duty setup
anyways loads of talkin for now time to post some pics
me in my regular casual attire (im not nice lookin at all:sad:)

me in turban(shot 1 year back in my design college)

my home workstation

prety much of a trash but it will change soon (my new PC will arrive next week)
want to post more but stupid photobucket not lettin meā€¦well will later thenā€¦

tc everyone


some more :stuck_out_tongue:
a very special poster.given to me by animator of tetsujin 28 and of initial gundam series when he came to india for seminar

my traditional drawing workspace (pretty messy)


Name: Ameer Magdy
Age: 25
Home Country: Egypt
Location: Dubai, UAE
Job: Senior Graphic Designer
Company: Lammtara Pictures
Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, CG ā€¦
Sports: Diving, Football.


prinova u seem adventerus.good thing :thumbsup:

hmmm looks lik noone likes talkin here anymore :sad:


Where I do workā€¦ my cat will never leave me aloneā€¦ :rolleyes:


Nice cat Lexalotacus :applause: Cool, a window seat!


hey everyone
thatā€™s my poor workspace :slight_smile:

and thatā€™s me afterhours ;D

cheers !!