Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


Wow, Evanfotis. I’m envious of your setup, real nice. If you ever want to get rid of one of those Wacom’s let me know :wink:

Since you have a variety of tablets, which do you find is the best to use? Do you use the small one for quick slap on painting and the larger ones for more detailed work?


Originally (a million years ago) I got the 12x12 Intuos to match my 21’ monitor. After all these years, it still rules…
Then the graphires came in, for a second pc, and then my ex Fujitsu, lappy, and worked well if I didn’t need the precison for drawing faces for example. New Sager laptop this summer, so got the I3 wide to match. It really works nice with the wide 17’, and its a beauty…
Now each graphire is dedicated to one of the 19’ monitors.
So baically for drawing here I use the 12x12. When I’m on the go, Itake the 6x11 with my lappy. When I have some assistant, I give’ em the smallies:twisted: …

But still, my fav is the big ole one…
Even the mouse in the old intuos is so much more well built & functional than the new I3 one which feels cheap compared even to the older graphire ones…


Indeed very nice setup evanfotis
Nice pictures in this thread. Cool!!


nice setup Evan!

heres my new setup:


Oh man sergioKomic You’ve got two things i’m dreaming of getting one day. the MacPro and the Intous. Man im drewling on my desk now!! :slight_smile:

very nice setup.


Maybe i should post a photo from my little studio too… mac and pc’s ?!? :scream::scream:


:thumbsup::bounce::eek: images are to be constructive and related to improvin


ok here’s my setup…


Hey guys! great seeing your faces here!! Here is mine:

me with smile(dare not show teeth… hehehe!):

me without the smile:

me with facial hair(just to make sure you guys recognize me even if I happen to have a beard on if/when we meet up some day hehehe…)


HEY…GREAT SEEING YOU Anand…:slight_smile:
Now I can put a face to the person who has been helping and inspirering me so much lately…:thumbsup:


ANAND - finally :slight_smile: Nice to see the face! you know for us to recognize you you’d have to give us them mugshots you keep in the cupboard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: CHEERS!


Awww, great to see your pics Anand! Thanks for posting! :slight_smile:


Ooh Intervains cute! I’m still going to give you a hard time, I spare no one from Womballion obnoxiousness.


…HAHAHA!!! as if you needed any inspiration from me!! anyways, glad to be of any help to you Glenn, you have been a great inspiration and guidance! enjoyed your photos!

Hey Magdalena! thanks! nice to see you too! great smile!!

Rebecca! thanks! photos of your desk fill me with envy! hope you are enjoying your BOXX!


LOL thank you very much :slight_smile: I rather enjoy your Womballion obnoxiousness to be frank :stuck_out_tongue:

Anand - thanks :slight_smile:


I have a lot of images of myself on facebook, but I’m not sure if they will link correctly or if its appropiate to link to the site.


I feel the same as Rebecca and Intervain, glad to put a face to all that great art work out there.:eek::surprised And call me stupid, but Intervain, I never placed you as a woman…:blush: I never read the name under the avatar… duh!:banghead:


Here is a pic I just took with a digital camera I got today. Boy, I’m one pasty dude!

And here is a picture of my workspace, finally.


aggie, Thomasphoenix, Magdalena and all the others:

really wonderful to see the faces of the people whose art and dedication is inspiring me every day.

(and aaargh… I gotta spend more money on equipment and like stuff my whole living room with it…:scream: )


omg lol I donnow how some of you guys can work comfy with such small desks (or so much stuff)

great to see some faces too (you can see mine hereif you wish)

And this is where it all happens… well… a lot anyway :slight_smile:

Man I wish I had 2 of those nice Samsung Flats… would save me half the space on my desk lol