Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


Wow cool thread. Love all the pesting around. I thought i’d post some too.

OK. at the moment i only have a photo of myself in a pretty Evil form. Don’t worry i’m a nice guy. The occasion called for an Evil face. Who am i to refuse :slight_smile:

I’m 23 years old, Hobby artist (depends on your definision of Artist). I like to draw very much and am doing as much as possible Anatomy drawings (from Photos and life). I’d like to so something in the comic book world so i’m pointing myself in that direction.

I never went to art school but am considering it very much lately. We’ll see.
Keep up posting those cool photo’s guys, we definitely can use some as ref.

I’ll be posting photo’s of my workplace tonight (Europe Time).



Ok so here is my workspace

Pic 1. My drawing table and by painting Place. I don’t use the table as much as i want to but that should change very soon.

Pic 2 and 3 is my workstation.

I have a AMD 2600 with 1.5 Gb DDR 400 memory. an old 3D Labs video card and about 300 GB of HDD space. More than enough to store all my work.

I’m planning to upgrade very soon. I also want to buy a A4 Tablet but that’s kind of expensive at the moment.


Dell Optiplex GX270 intel, Pentium 4, CPU 3.00, Chz 2.99 Ghz, 1.00 gb of Ram 111gb harddrive I find this computer to be really slow. I dont get why it would be though:( Lags even when i have photoshop open and no backround programs running.


If it’s like super slow, your L2 cache of the CPU can be broken (But if that’s the case the computer is like really, really slow)!

Other then that, you could check your memory too.

I personally would never buy a Dell computer. i don’t know if that may be the problem. I’m all for building it myself.

Good luck.


My first thoughts were this was kinda personal, but the more I get to know you guys, the more I feel like I have known you since grade school. Hell, we could have been in the same art class.

My mug. I used it for my application for a state board examination in Austin.

A web cam shot of my workstation at the office. The smaller monitor to the right is my new Gateway Tablet PC Laptop. This is what i have been using for my digital artwork. Draw right on the monitor. It is now my main desktop. I just hook up to the docking port and I have a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse.

This is how I work at home in the traditional medium. I use the internet to download pictures, like the one I have up on this one, or take digital pictures myself to use. Then I draw it out. I have a easile too.

The Fam. We are on a ghost train ride in Jefferson, Texas. Hence the wide eyes! My high school sweetheart, married now for 14 years, and my lil’ boy.


Found this one a few weeks back… this was actually taken a couple of years ago when I could actually do stuff like this without hearing things pop in my body:

Where the magic happens:

Lola the amazing slut dog and Thelonious the cat:


couldnt keep my eyes on the camera :scream:…Thought it was time to post a real pic , last one was a celphone snap!


Ah, what the heck…


My office:

There have been some changes to this since then, though. There is now an Antec Sonata II sitting on the shelf near the wall (yay for not using an iBook as a 3D graphics workstation), the speakers and amp are gone (unfortunately) and a few more things. But the basic layout’s the same.


I don’t know of the red color is good to work quietly… but that give certainly my energy :thumbsup:

I’ve already show my work space at home, now, it’s me at work… not working, but during a kind of show, for a “open doors” (I don’t know if it’s the good words in english), meeting with clients and partners… with projection on the wall of the large 3d demo of our skills…


I don’t have any photos of my workspace at the moment, but here’s a few of everyone’s favorite Ogre. Enjoy!

Ooooo moody!

Sorry bad scan.

Me on my birthday.


before i got my hair cut :frowning:


uhh if u have bad eyes i dont suggest looking at the following image :stuck_out_tongue: i was experimenting with the light and it keeps flashing


Not at my workstation, but its me nevertheless… in a Gas Mask…



Nice to see people’s faces :slight_smile:

well I thought I might as well ‘unmask’ LOL and jump on the bandwagon. I realized to my horror that I do not have 1 photo of me alone [no wonder since I don’t like having pics of me taken in the first place so they’re few and far between] so I had to edit somebody out :slight_smile: apologies!
so that’s me with a tint of bloodshot red in the eyes… :blush::twisted:


Quess who’s going into my Ingres painting…:scream: …just kidding…MAYBE…:slight_smile:
GREAT to be able to finally put a face on the person who is doing those BEAUTIFUL paintings…BEAUTIFUL SMILE…:slight_smile:


I agree, it’s great to see your picture and that of everyone who’s posted here. :slight_smile: Always nice to put a face to a name! :slight_smile:


aww thanks guys :blush:

lol Glenn you’re too funny! don’t know if I’d have enough grace for Ingres, he was rather choosy from what I’ve been reading lately :scream:… [yeah I’ve become a fan]


Hi all, and happy new year! (though a bit belated:))…
Haven’t been posting at all lately, so at night of 2muchworkparalysisboredom, what best 2 do than take a snapshot of my current setup, adding text in shotophop 2 unwind:


and that’s some setup you’ve got there evanfotis :eek::thumbsup: :arteest:

I can’t afford even half of that :cry:… life’s not fair LOL

Here’s to a better 2007 :beer:


Ones artistic technique/talent is the most precious thing one can have (and from what I’ve seen you’ve got loads of…)
all the rest is just… stuff. (most of it is old stuff too…)
Indeed “stuff” helps, makes life easier, and gets things done faster, but won’t ever make one a good artist if there is no backbone to start with.

I like to change things around every so often, otherwise I feel stuck:D, and holiday season is the right time to play geek…