Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


yea i know, righteously done, i was just kidding :thumbsup:



noShame ,That doggy is really cute:) what is he? a Husky?



Hehe, thank you! Yep he’s a Huskey :slight_smile:


yulias: :slight_smile:

Zapan: :slight_smile: your avatar is so funny! me should get a snail as avatar too - my working speed is sooo sloooow
and thanks for the pics! :slight_smile: spike looks so fluffy cute! :love:

squibbit: huhuuu nightowl! hehe - no mic… :stuck_out_tongue:

i think i´ll check the anatomy threads now - my new year´s pledge 2006: “becoming an anatomy master!” well… maybe only get some more knowledge about elbow joints… :wip:

rebbeca, thanks a lot! :thumbsup:


Oh… a picture thread, that I missed untill yet! hides in lurk mode






Originally posted by noShame: Rebeccak: Hehe, thank you very much for the compliment! Guess the humwee and the puppy on the pictures makes me bearable

Actually been a member for a while, but have mostly been reading those nice tutors you find here and watching all those amazing pictures that people are posting. Not very many posts tough and even less work to show off. But thats about to change I hope, in fact I have already made an scull and posted it in your scull-thread

Thought I was a hopeless case, do mostly webdesign. But I really do admire all those good artists and I would like to be able to do that. So I finally said to myself, the only thing thats stopping me is my will. So I have been reading useful tutorials on perspective, light, anatomy etc. And from now on I’ll try to attend your tutorials and hope that practice makes perfect, even in my case

Oh almost forgot, started out with some 3d hoping that it will help me understand perspectives, lightning etc when working in 2d. Here are two pictures of my (first) model. (i started on a audi a6 but didnt do more than the rough shape).

Since im writing so much I might aswell thank you Rebeccak for everything you and all the nice people are doing here on cgtalk, except for gnomons dvd’s, this is the best resource for aspiring artists like myself (even better since its free and updates more often). I have been reading your tutorials for a while now and I really like the way you share your talent. Big thumbs UP for you and the other artists like yourself!

NoShame, thank you for the super nice words ~ I greatly appreciate them. :slight_smile: I think it’s funny that you say that you are a hopeless case, as, judging from your skull rendering, that’s quite clearly not true at all! :slight_smile: Your WIP looks great, and I hope you will be able to finish it one day. It’s great to have you on the forum. :slight_smile:

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Ms. hot stuff! :scream:

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Awww!!! So cute!!!

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Awww!!! So adorable! :scream:

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Hi digital and trad artist!

I am new in this CGTalk section so let present me.
I am 21. Student in naval architecture.
Live in Quebec, Canada
I will try here to improve my observation skill to draw my vision of things in 2d. I like portrait and sketching. Santa bring me a wacom this year, this is a fantastic tools so I want to practice a lot with it.
This picture show me in my ‘digesting phase!!!’, drinking an hoegaarden


Great work’s pose Louis… and welcome here :scream: :thumbsup:



I second Lemog’s welcome ~ great to see you here! :slight_smile: Looking forward to having your participation in our many threads here!

Great picture! :scream:

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and care about spamcessions :scream: … mmmh Beckie ? :love:


Hi, Lolo! :love:

Spam? Moi???!

I only post highly relevant topical material. :wise: And spam occasionally…have to have some fun, right? :slight_smile:


the digesting phase is onr of my favorite!

I really love 3d jobs! all these render…all these ‘break!’

About spamcessions, i am not sure i am understanding but don’t care, I am a pro!


Hi Louis.cho !
Nice to meet you !

Yeah !! what is spam exactly ? :curious:
I believe that’s the number of reply in this thread … so no need to tell you that Rebecca is really not the last one :scream:


Hi all. here are some photos of where i do paintings and drawings.

Most of the time i just ly on the bed. I got a laptop last year, so i use that most the time. there is my play

here is my games console and other stuff.

my pc which sucks

my little studio that my mum and i decorated :slight_smile: Only use it for traditionally drawing and when i can be bothered to take my laptop to it.

I will post some pictures of my self some other day


Jack : You spoiled brat! Just kidding mate :smiley:
Dam… I guess I will have to post some pictures of me sometime, and my workspace… later :smiley:


Lol! Kevin, I’m looking forward to it!


Hmm more pictures of Muah! :stuck_out_tongue: I also have a new workspace, I’ll post pictures late :wink:

Going for the retro look, I found some of my mums old shades, they are huge!


Very old pic. I neeeeed to take a new one. My workstation is too messy to photo atm!


Ok, so this is me…last summer vacation pictures.




Hey everyone,

It’s great to see more pictures! Always cool to see. Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: