Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


YEEEAAAHHHHHH I fixed my pc again. I’m back, so prepare! gna gna gna!!!



We’re going to lie low on this thread for a while. :wink: We’ll get back to it soon, but for the time being, let’s post more serious stuff and also fun stuff to the other Anatomy Threads. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



hahaha! I love this thread!! :smiley:

here is me! :stuck_out_tongue:

and my studio… well… i don’t have one… i live in 2 cittys and I had about 6 so called “studios” in the last 3 years :slight_smile:

here was last year - i still have this chirsmas tree! :smiley:

Rebecca - i think you have only one picture in this 50 page thred… Post more!
Fooxoo - how old are you?? :smiley: - i’m not trieing to hit on you!!! :))))))


Cool pics, Icey. :wink: Thanks for posting them. :slight_smile:




Nothing says New Years like staying home and hanging out on CGTalk. Hardcore! -J


That´s me!!:thumbsup: Yesterday on new year´s party:D that I took myself:

NOTE: the text “my girfriend” that you see here was no written on that guy back:D

Happy and good new year!!!:scream:


First time I visit this topic and read and watch all things from 1. page to 53. without boring … Too much fun … Too bad I not have a brain which can do jokes :stuck_out_tongue: but I have laugh a lot :scream:
Cool pics everyone . you ares and yours’ workstations perfect :scream:


figured it wouldn’t hurt to post one part of my space… I didn’t make it too big or anything :S

I’ll just post the link so no one kills me. I couldn’t figure out how to shrink it down and make it stay that way for the post.



Great pics! Though where is the rest of your face? :scream: Thanks for posting. :slight_smile:

Gonzalo Golpe,

Great to see this pic! :thumbsup: Very adorable couple…Happy New Year to you and to everyone! :slight_smile:


Glad we have been entertaining! :scream: But where are your pics? :curious: :scream:


Awesome photos! Very cool to see…I’m such a voyeur! :scream: It’s funny, because your studio space looks an awful lot like mine did when I was a student…only yours is cleaner!!!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



hahahahaha Gonzalo… nice to see you in “real” :thumbsup: y la chica parece muy maja tambien… tienes mucha suerte de tener una amiga asi :applause: y feliz ano nuevo 2006 ombre para ti y tu familia :bounce:


Originally posted by Lolo: y la chica parece muy maja tambien… tienes mucha suerte de tener una amiga asi :applause: y feliz ano nuevo 2006 ombre para ti y tu familia :bounce:

Lolo, did you just call our friend a goat? :curious: :smiley: :scream:

Just kidding. :wink:





a few years later :thumbsup: :scream: :smiley:


Muchas gracias Laurent!!:smiley: and LOL Rebeccak:scream: your avatar is awesome,hahahahaha, it´s impossible to take a look to it and don´t smile haha.

And here ´s another take. Me and my bottle of water (I think the bottle hadn´t water…:beer: :beer: ):

Happy new year 2689!!!:applause:


Gonzalo Golpe,

Hahaha, great pic! :scream: I have Goro, Art2, and SergioKomic to thank for my avatar! :scream: ~ Goro did the initial animation, Art2 made it into an avatar, and SergioK added snow…I laugh sometimes too, hehehe!


No problem! I take it you’re a young’un. No worries at all! :slight_smile:

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hehe that´s a cool avatar hehe

hey Mecha!! I forgot,nice to “half” meet you!!:smiley:



Laguna Hills, CA

see some samples at



Very cool pics, and glad to have you aboard! Hope to see some of your work here on the forum. :slight_smile:

Ah, Laguna is a great place, you’re really lucky! I only visited there a few times when a student at ACCD, but it was definitely a beautiful place. They have an arts fair there periodically, don’t they? I think I went to one of those. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting! :slight_smile: It’s cool to have more folks from Watts ~ have heard good things about the school, and I like the work. :thumbsup:




To think, I found this crazy thread when searching for “keyboard.” Hah. I just read like 23 pages of it - fun stuff =).

I’ve lurked here (well, this specific forum) for awhile and I guess it’s my turn to post something.

Here’s three pictures of my hands one day after work:

And here’s me with a beard. I shaved it off a week ago, but it won’t be long before it’s back again. (I hate pictures of myself - gah!)

And here’s my little uh… area. I guess. My lovely Wacom tablet is hidden between and behind the monitors right now.

And here’s The Man…



Welcome aboard to our little zany corner of the universe. :slight_smile: Hope to see your work soon!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Thanks = )