Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


Awsome Emily, cute style :thumbsup:


hahahahaha… now… I’m sure that we have one commont point at least :thumbsup: haha… welcome here Sophie and have fun with us:applause:

mmmh… interesting… maybe I must try this style… in any case, that seem pretty with you :slight_smile:


thanks! yeah the goth thing was from this summer when we all dressed up and scared a lot of locals in taiwan :scream:

here are some more fun photos from earlier this yr!! (cuz i have nothing better to do)…i’m afraid they’re not as flattering :smiley:

at the lake…^^

morning hair…not joking…

fun with highlighters >.<


Good morning everyone! :wavey:

Did you all have a decent Christmas? Sabrina - did you get your Wacom? Laurent - did you get some sleep?
Sophie, hpslashluvr - great photos!

So, I’ve been eating and drinking like crazy for some days and now, back at my workplace again… feels good:)


Morning Gunie…

sleep ? not enough certainly (I started the new website about the expo1900) and as usually… too much eating and drinking… :beer:

…but always very nice moments… with cowboys :cool:

Now… some rest at work :scream:
Remain me 2 scenes to correct… and all my animations will be finishid… :smiley:

I hope your christmas was good for you too… maybe with some new rubbersuits gifts ? :buttrock:


Me on Christmas eve! Stuffed with a fabulous Christmas Dinner :smiley:



Laurent - Probably the cutest cowboy seen at this place - fun that someone that looks so much like an angel can be so wild, huh? :smiley:
Good news about the new website - let me know if you want some feedback for it.

And …hmmm… no Rubbersuits, I’m afraid - I got a leach though, does that count? :scream:

I’ve started to collect some references for my anatomy WIP - really looking forward to it!

Edite - Nice shot - I love those slippers :thumbsup:


I’m ask myself the same question… all days :scream: hahahaha

Oooh thanks… it’s just the beginning… remain many weeks of work on it… but I will try anyway to really start the project (modelization) in the middle of january… (I PM you the link soon… I found a french forum about all these Worlds Fairs… but they doesn’t know Lemog… no spam… no photos, no much posts, and only 5 members :shrug: It’s not a topic very large on the web (for the moment), I must change that :smiley: hahahaha

Sounds good… you can open a thread now… like that, we can already spam it :buttrock:


You’re right Gunie… very nice slippers… the top with rubbersuits so far… merry christmas Fooxoo :wavey:


They don’t know Lemog yet - but I’m sure they will, No doubt the topic will become very popular once you get started :bounce:

I just did :blush: here


It’s just the good news… for spam and of course, for creativity :thumbsup:


Welcome, agou! :slight_smile:

Cool pics, hp! :thumbsup:

morning hair…not joking…

Yeah…this never…happens…to me…:scream:

Gunnie, our spam team is ready to go! :thumbsup:

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!


…but always very nice moments… with cowboys

You getting younger, Lemog? :scream:

Welcome back, fooxoo! :slight_smile:


I have just noticed Gunnie’s Anatomy Thread!!!

Spam session…about to begin…:bounce:


Good morning everyone! :slight_smile:

Well, off to run some Christmas party errands…will be back later today to spam with some pictures hopefully…hope everyone had a great holiday! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Hi everybody !! , I’m a bit late , lot of pages to catch up, YAY… :

@ Agou : Hiya Sophie !! Welcome in the NIMPORTNAWAK thread , almost worst than Lemogs spectacular one… ahaha…
Great picture , nice to meet you Sophinette ! I can’t believe this is this cute lady who is afraid by snails :smiley:

@ hpslashluvr : Hi !! :wavey:
Great pictures !!! , the morning haircut one is just priceless :scream: … mmh I think I’ve got the same one right now :bounce: :thumbsup:

@ Gunilla :

Same thing for me , finally fresh coke and sandwiches are pretty nice too…

@ Lemog : Hiya Laurent , that’s a wildly cowboy you got here !! riding like pros…
I read you’re almost done with your crazy office task , I hope you still had fun this last week end …

@ fooxoo : HO HO HO !!! Merry christmas GUYS !! cute … yep :eek:

Hope everybody had a great time , nice pictures everyone … unfortunately , I’ve got nothing to show up now , apparently , that’s really hard to take a picture with glass of wine in each hand …


Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had some great days with family and friends!

Nice to discover the new pics, Sophie - cheers!, Emily - love this morning haircut, you look like I feel every morning…fooxoo - nice slippers! , Laurent - seems you are really good in the making of wild (and cute!) kids…:smiley:

Gunilla - Yeeeeesssss!!! My sighs have been heard!

Rebecca - Thank’s again for your nice posting in my thread:) - give me some time to finish current projects, then I will spent my spare time with my basic drawing lessons instead of spamming:blush: …and can hopefully join your beginners lounge - I’m always lurking around in your OFDWs now, want to congratulate you for these:thumbsup: …so talented people you have there and very inspiring for me…!



second that. Its time to move into the 2d world as well . :smiley:


Hi, Rebeccak, Gunilla, daWinky, I’m ready to spam!

oooooh, Lemog, that’s a soooo cute little cowboy you have! I wanted the same, but Santaclaus didn’t brought me any.:sad: Is it possible to get it on e-bay?:smiley:
uuuuh, hpslashluvr, nice hair…just like me in the morning :slight_smile:
Hi Zapan, dear steph’, I don’t think it is possible to do worse than Lemog-spectacular’s thread…no human could do that… :smiley:
did you all spend a nice christmas ? I had nice presents, some Pixar artbooks and a Nintendo DS (I realized it is in fact my first GameBoy, I used to borrow it from my sister and my brother) ! Youhooouu…



Sorry for getting everyone so off topic…For the time being, I’m going to ask that you not post here. I’m sorry, and I hope that you guys will post to the other threads and continue to contribute to the Anatomy Forum in a big way. :bounce:

Cheers and hugs, :)



Ok Rebecca, bring the forum back on topic; Post some picts of you & workstation (1ce more)

I’ll send a few 2morrow, with drawing and sculpting stuff-just to know.