Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


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Coool, hope to see your posts soon there! And thank’s about the picture, when do we see yours?

Hehe, let me have some basic lessons first, or even better: let me first find a wacom under the xmas tree:D …See you!

I think I don’t like your boss:twisted: ! A little funny now to wish you a good time:sad: …anyways, Merry Christmas and some kisses to you, Laurent !!!:slight_smile:

I’m also near the end here for today, now it’s time to really go in the christmas mode (* on)

Merry Christmas to all of you here around,
have a good time and I hope to see you all here again after the holidays!



Originally posted by Lolo: The main interest is to find this forum more easily… by example, it need me lot of time to really understand the exact place of the subforum… why ? I’m not always completly nut… but I always come quickly… and I prefer thinking about our passion than the real technical used of the forum… that must be fast and simple to find… link can be a solution, to help… but if this forum change of place, that can be of course better…

 just personal thoughts... I can understand that other people find their way here easyer than me... the french nut...
Lolo, haven't you bookmarked the forum by now? :scream: But seriously, I do understand. :) No, the Anat Forum is not easy to find...which is good because there are no trolls...but making the forum more visible is a good idea, so I have asked the big guys about far, a lot of support for it, so we will see what will happen after New Year's. :)

Originally posted by Zapan: Rebecca : I would say, it would make more sense to not see Anatomy forum as a part of 2D or 3D categories , so mainly if the forum would be on the main page , nobody would think that it belongs to a specfic Wip/critic as me in first… besides of course it would be more visible…

Originally posted by Gunilla: Rebecca - I think Squibbits suggestion of linking from 3d WIP could work well - that way it would be a subforum of both places and not so easy to find by trolls. The main thing, as I see it, it that it doesn’t need to be specific of any special technique or software - I mean anatomy is the same in both 2d and 3d, right? And the more tech specific issues could be easily dealt with in other part of the forums, ex “How would I model an ear in MAX” would be better asked in the modeling forum but “What general shapes should an ear have” would be better off in here… does that sound clear?

Originally posted by daWinky: Concerning the forum, new one or moving it around - for me it’s like Laurent said : we must only find it without long searching…may be some linking in the 3d section is enough and let the people know, that they are welcome…like Zapan said “sometimes feeling like an UFO” in the 2d threads…We are not all little Lemogs, who can switch from 3d to 2d without problems…

Thanks for all the replies, guys and girls! :wip:

I would really like to have the Anatomy Forum, were it to be a Forum and not a SubForum,
have it's own sub~forums, such as:
Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art

[/b][i][b]>Tutorials and Workshops [/b][/i][i][b](All Media)[/b][/i]
>>Open Figure Drawing Workshops
>>Anatomy Reviews
>>*All other Tutorials and Workshops*

[i][b]>Personal Anatomy Threads (All Media)[/b][/i]
>>*All Personal Anatomy Threads*

[i][b]>Sketchbooks [/b][/i][i][b](All Media)[/b][/i]
 >>*All SketchbookThreads*

[i][b]>Life Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture [/b][/i][i][b](All Media)[/b][/i]
  >>*All Life Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture Threads*

[i][b]>Special Topics (All Media)
>>Color and the Figure
 >>Concept Art
>>Cloth, Clothing
>>Master Copies

[/b][/i]   >>Orthographic Drawings
   >>*All Other 3D Threads*


[i][b]>Lounge [/b][/i]
    >>Post a picture of yourself...


This is how I would [b][i]like [/i][/b]to set things up. The ultimate decision is not mine ~ I need permission for this. There is absolutely no guarantee that this can happen, but I will try. What do you guys think? :)




Happy Holidays and Happy New Year’s, everyone! :slight_smile:


Sweet indeed :argh: Just tell him that sure, you can take it home but in that case it has to stay there :slight_smile:
Kisses to you and the best possible Christmas, see you next week:wavey:

And to the lucky ones of us that actually are going to have some free time…



Sabrina Did you post any pictures of yourself in here somewhere?



Sounds really great Rebecca :bounce:
Hope you’ll have a positive answer for this !!

And to all of you :: MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE:slight_smile: , hope you guys will have fun !!




this would rock so much it’s not even funny.
In other words: I would love it - sounds like an open university rather than a bulletin board!

And, spiritually speaking, once you make room for things the events will fill up the space you reserved, i.e., participation will grow exponentially and everyone’s benefit will be a dream.

fingers crossed


Mr. Mu,

LOL ~ thanks!! :slight_smile:

Most of those threads exist already, they’re just in a big jumble.

Here is an older link page I created - it’s not completely up to date, but it has links to older threads like the ones listed above.

Forum Links - Find Threads Fast!

I linked this in the Sticky Links thread (last post) as well.

Cheers, :slight_smile:




I bookmarked the internal “Find links fast” and other indexes of this forum long ago.

What I am referring to is the following principle.

My beloved-ones father is a teacher of a certain form of meditational/therapeutical dance.

He rented a small room, handed out his ad-flyers and waited for participants. Soon he had a bunch (just a fistful) of regular attendants.

Then he got an offer to rent a bigger room. He was thinking about how he would be able to afford this considering that he did not have enough students for it. But then he thought: “Well, I should not wait for more people to be able to rent a bigger room - I should rent the bigger room, so more people can come in the first place”

And that was exactly the way it happened. Luck is when occasion meets preparation.

So, I was looking forward to the chance of leveling this whole thing up - would be so exciting and a good form of recognition for you.



Mr. Mu,

Thank you!! :slight_smile: I am chuckling because this reminds me of a scene in the movie about Bruce Lee’s life where he has a small studio with a few students / cut to scene with more students / cut to scene with studio overflowing with students / cue emotional music. :scream: So true though, and I see exactly what you mean. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



my favourite scenes of Dragon (hope it’s the international title, too)

Bruce(really set up, engaged in an argument with his wife):
accidentially smashes wardrobe


Producer in the street together with Bruce Lee, discussing “Kung-Fu”:
“No, really, great idea, this…”
wife:“don’t worry about the main character… I mean it will be called Kung-Fu… who else on earth is supposed to play him?”
T.V.-set showing “KUNG-FU…starring…DAVID CARRADINE”

cinema, “breakfast at Tiffany’s”, funny chinese mock-up on screen, audience is cracking up, his wife is nearly suffocating with laughter
Bruce, watching, not angry, bewildered…
his wife, watches him, watches screen, sees with his eyes, her laughter dies.
her: “Let’s go…”

What a GREAT movie!



[color=red]Merry X-mas to You all…[/b][/color]


Hi everybody! I’ve reached this thread by chance and I see there a really funny spamming thread :smiley: ! I’ve read a great part of it and it made me laugh sometimes.

However, I went there to present myself. So here I am, with my favorite gesture :

(I remember this red wine was damn good)

I really enjoyed seeing Lemog’s workplace…really fun.


Great to see you here!! nice picture. I don’t like wine, but hey i’m Dutch :smiley:




Godmorning to all and [b]MERRY CHRISTMAS


Rebecca, totally rulling layout. well thought and and the organization structure is easy to follow. As said. its like an open university :smiley: great stuff . hope for the best.

Agou . great photo. cheers .


zng-Y>…and me I don’t like beer.What a pity. And sorry for the cliché, I’m fond of cheese too :).
Enchantée to all of you guys and merry christmas !:bounce:


pretending to be goth ^^ (me on right)


YEEAAAHHH!!! that’s what im talking about haha :smiley: :bounce:


ditto :thumbsup: