Post a picture of yourself and / or your workstation / art space


No spam is a bad sign, Lolo…you sick? :frowning:

About moving the forum…I think there is support for it, but I will have to wait until after Christmas for a definite answer. :slight_smile:



Do you think it’s a better idea to move the entire forum, or to just create a link in the 3D Stills Forum? I’d like to know your opinion on this, and reasons why. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



The main interest is to find this forum more easily… by example, it need me lot of time to really understand the exact place of the subforum… why ? I’m not always completly nut… but I always come quickly… and I prefer thinking about our passion than the real technical used of the forum… that must be fast and simple to find… link can be a solution, to help… but if this forum change of place, that can be of course better…

just personal thoughts… I can understand that other people find their way here easyer than me… the french nut… :shrug:


Morning everybody !!

@ Laurent : Morning Laurent , what do I read , another fight with your boss , doesn’t sound good … for him … I’ve got some smiley support for you :

:wavey:- - :surprised ---

And soon you will be like this : :cool:
And soon we will be like this :
And I’m still like this :

@ Rebecca : I would say, it would make more sense to not see Anatomy forum as a part of 2D or 3D categories , so mainly if the forum would be on the main page , nobody would think that it belongs to a specfic Wip/critic as me in first… besides of course it would be more visible…


Good morning everyone! :slight_smile:

Rebecca - I think Squibbits suggestion of linking from 3d WIP could work well - that way it would be a subforum of both places and not so easy to find by trolls. The main thing, as I see it, it that it doesn’t need to be specific of any special technique or software - I mean anatomy is the same in both 2d and 3d, right? And the more tech specific issues could be easily dealt with in other part of the forums, ex “How would I model an ear in MAX” would be better asked in the modeling forum but “What general shapes should an ear have” would be better off in here… does that sound clear?

Laurent - Arrgh! Boss fight again! My wishes are with you - may you nail him to the ground!
And I agree with you on difficulties to find the way - I would never have found this without your recommendations :thumbsup:

Teun - Hey there, how fun - you look so much like your avatar, very nice :slight_smile:

Zapan - smileyspam… I never thought the day would come when you would be lost for words :smiley:

I wish everyone a good day as I dive into another set of ZB tutorials :wavey:


…erm hang on… does that actually mean you won’t reply within seconds of one’s post any longer? Does that mean there is a slight change we would have to actually wait for a reply in future?

So, I mean, like in the other forums on the net?

Where you post something and so much time passes you actually feel the wait set in - as opposed to catching yourself not hitting the “new thread” or “post reply” button, because you find your exact question psychically replied to on another (and previous) occasion?

Or you take the time to reread your post, spell-edit it and find rebecca’s reply impacted in fiery letters, herself long since gone to reply somewhere else…

Is that what your are saying?

Ok, alright then… intolerable…
signs out


:wavey:- - :surprised ---

And soon you will be like this : :cool:
And soon we will be like this :
And I’m still like this :




I’m just practising the “less is more” thing :smiley:


Good morning everyone!

Originally Posted by Zapan
Hey Sabrina !! How’re you doing ? , I’ll pray for your wacom …

Hey Stéphane, I’m fine and I’m praying too:) …btw…nice smiley-talk! So we can break the last frontiers of language…

Originally Posted by zng-Y
Maybe you can also join my thread

Hey Teun, why not, I’ve already looked in there, nice one! And nice picture…:slight_smile: !

Originally Posted by Gunilla
Sorry, but you have to be either very brave or very foolish to post a pic of yourself in this surroundings

Hi Gunnie, this is something I may think of…:scream:
btw, very nice and comfortable workspace you have there and your cat is a really cute one.
Have you ever looked in your comp since she’s with you? I’ve two cats and all my computers including the laptop are needing regulary cleaning up - the fans are always full of cat hairs…:sad:
I’ll have a look in your new thread when it’s on, inner parts…interesting…:curious:

Originally Posted by RebeccaK
Great!!! Can’t wait to have you join us here!

Hi Rebecca, that’s cool, thank’s and for the first time I even don’t need a thread of my own…just looking for the things I need and perhaps posting in the thread for “shy beginners”:blush: …And you’ve been so nice to post a lot of links and book recommendations, so everything is here to start…:thumbsup:
Concerning the forum, new one or moving it around - for me it’s like Laurent said : we must only find it without long searching…may be some linking in the 3d section is enough and let the people know, that they are welcome…like Zapan said “sometimes feeling like an UFO” in the 2d threads…We are not all little Lemogs, who can switch from 3d to 2d without problems…

Originally Posted by Lemog
… no sleep this night and only 2 hours the night before…

Hey Laurent, how can you work like this??? Poor you…I hope there is a sac full of sleep and sweet dreams for you under the christmas tree!!:slight_smile:



dude, wassup? do try to get some sleep, buddy!
it’s holidays n stuff now u know, time to rest and all :slight_smile:

get some zzzz’s now, no excuses



well… comes something strange yesterday… the big boss shorter the delay for the film I’m actually realize… in first, very short delay of 1 month for 33 scenes (60 different animations) was planed for the end of 2005… new delay is now for today… (december 23) :twisted:
I finished the 3 last scenes this night… and now, remain me the week-end to render these latest scenes… and monday very early… video assembly of all for a projection at 9:00 :shrug: …
I will hope anyway to be with the family during this christmas week-end… :slight_smile:


yea I just heard coCoKNIght didn’t get any sleep either, with so many insomniacs
around nowadays, I’m considering starting this service of flying around europe to
meet them, feed them a headache pill and club them unconscious.
Only in Lemog’s case seems like I shoulda clubbed his boss :smiley:



Hey Squibbit, that’s seems to be a good idea, you can come along to put me to sleep too:D !!

Hey Laurent,
bad news for you for sure, that’s hard - working even at the christmas weekend:sad: …hope you get your work done and have some fun anyways - and listen to Squibbit…no excuse…even working machines need some time to rest!:wise:



héhé… good solution…:buttrock:

…but you know, I’m not insomniac, just I don’t need lot of sleep… but actually, it’s anyway too much short :argh:

…and that will certainly continue… as I must start an another film in january, and always with silly delays… :shrug:
fortunetely, I can take some good little moments here, durin render test time :deal:


Ouch!! That is not humanly possible to do… not even for you.
I really hope you can get some time for spending with your family … and your boss - just say the word and we will all come to hunt him down :banghead:
Great suggestion, Squibbit!

I wonder what boss would say if he suddenly found himself surrounded by angry CGartists form all over the world :twisted::scream:

- good tip about checking the computers for hair! I already lost some fans due to dust and I don’t think that dark hidden place has got any better with the cat… maybe I should remove it from the floor.


[b]There’s a few scrog-worthy cgatites here. Always fun to see what people look like and what they’re working with, but seeing as how I prefer to go e-genderless for the mostpart, posting my photos here probably won’t happen.

good idea nonetheless!


OH my!

This thread is turning fast into:

the revenge


Good morning! :smiley:

Thanks you guys for the replies about the forum…Lolo, Gunnie, Zapan and daWinky I really appreciate the feedback… :slight_smile:

More spam to come…must…get ready…for work…:smiley:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Haha thank’s! i guess :smiley:

Coool, hope to see your posts soon there! :thumbsup: And thank’s about the picture, when do we see yours? :smiley:


hahahaha… thanks for the great help… and you know the latest news about this guy ? He ask me if I can take my job workstation at home for the week-end… to survey rendering… :banghead::banghead::banghead: …and more if I can :eek:
hahaha… a very sweet guy, not ? :twisted::twisted:

Well… remain me much work before this evening… Merry Christmas to you all my friends here… I always have connection problems at home, and I don’t think to come here this week-end :shrug:
But monday… I will be here of course…