Possible to drop object to *bottom* of child tree list instead of top?


When dropping an object onto the parent of a tree list, C4D always defaults to the top position. But in my workflow, I like to place newer objects at the bottom of the tree.

I was wondering if it is possible to set C4D to automatically default to the bottom instead of top when objects are dragged and dropped into a tree structure.




assuming you know about the preferences>interface “Insert New Object At”, and “Paste new Object At” options… alas, those don’t affect behavior when dropping into a null.
Seems this is how Maxon wants you to work - from the bottom up. I have the same desire for a “drop to bottom” option - where can I sign the petition?

import c4d

# Script state in the menu or the command palette
def state():
    if not op or not op.GetUp(): 
        return False

def main():
    if not op or not op.GetUp(): 
        return False
    parent = op.GetUp()

if __name__=='__main__':

Use this script to move selected object to bottom of its parent object hierarchy