possible extra passes


Hey everyone,

I’m going to the GDC with BTU Games but i forgot to ask for my ticket and Nvidia ran out of them to give away before the event. I’m short on cash and I believe I’ll only have enough money to pay for my plane ticket (luckily i’ll be staying with my boss in a hotel room).

This would be the first time i would ever be able to meet other game developers and see the game i’ve been working on for over a year now in action and peoples reactions to it. It means everything to me and i really want to go but i’m short of cash so i’m wondering if any of you have extra tickets you could help me out.



i hope you re gay sleeping with your boss yuk, couldn’t he arange some tickets?


Remarks like that are pretty stupid! San Francisco is a gay friendly place and that’s the way we like it! Live and let live. Narrow minded people should stay home. Godd luck getting tickets.



Thanks for posting that Ruby. I thought the comment above was offensive as well. This is a professional forum, and comments like that shouldnt have any room here. Very childish behavior.


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